Age old question... Cuffs or ties?

Simple survey, which do you prefer?

Metal handcuffs

Rope, silk ties, bondage tape etc

And what do you get up to with them?

use cuffs more but handcuffs are always good just need some new ones.

Rope is my fave. I also like leather/suede cuffs and metal handcuffs.
Have never tried silk ties.

I can recommend the double locking police cuffs... Review on my profile :)

Don't like the metal handcuffs . They are too tight around my wrist. We just use them in cop role plays only.

The under mattress system has soft but secure velcroe cuff /ties. Role paly and light bondage use. These are similar to the door jam set of which we use in role plays for securing for flogging and trussing up etc. We also have a Faux lether set of handcuffs as well . These we use for the more dated roleplays such as pirates as they represent the bigger hand cuff style shackles that were around then .

We have some silk ties in a bondage game but not used them .

I can honestly say despite all the stuff mentioned above our bedroom does not resemble a dungeon !

I have seen them cuffs they are on my wishlist.

I just can't resist a cold metal cuff clicking around my wrist or ankle!

All of them! ( haven't tried tape though)

Cuffs, not the metal kind! I have the dominix braun ones, they're nice and squidgy.

As a trainee rigger it has to be rope every time.

But this is more to do with whole body rope bondage.

Not keen on using metal cuff and the fluffy ones are just too beginnerish.

I love well-made, quality leather cuffs, the is something about the feel and smell that adds to the overall experience. When they are pulled tight around my wrist, I know that there is no way I can undo them by myself and I am totally helpless.

Silly me. When i first read the title to this page on the forum list "cuffs and ties" i was thinking of mens dressing attire accesories. What a plonker !!

Does anybody have or can recommend a decent set of leather cuffs or ankle cuffs but with locks instead of buckles?

I use leather/fake leather cuffs most frequently. I've had my wrist cuffs since I was 18 and just starting to explore kink. I'm kind of attached to them for that reason. I like how versatile cuffs are. Once they are on it is easy to be attached to things and be put in all sorts of positions.

I like the feel of rope but it can be fiddly. It's fun occasionally but I prefer cuffs for immediacy.

Bondage tape is great aesthetically. If I was going away it would definitely be something I'd throw in my bag. It doesn't take up much space and it can be used in so many ways.

Metal handcuffs aren't really my thing. Very occasionally being unexpectedly handcuffed can be fun (as in sitting on the sofa, not by the police!) so the speed you can cuff someone with handcuffs is great but other than that, I'm not a big fan.

Proper wrist restraints ankle restraints with D Ring is my preference combined with rope.... don't like cuffs but thats a job thing

Occassionally bondage tape but that normally used as bondage in other areas.

What do we do everything..hog tie spreader bar door bed chairs dining room table used to restrain in many ways on many things even balustrade on stairs.. awesome u name it .... if were caught on the hop then scarfs tie or a belt which everyone has with them....

21, almost always naked wrote:

Does anybody have or can recommend a decent set of leather cuffs or ankle cuffs but with locks instead of buckles?

I can't see any on Lovehoney that lock instead of buckle but what about having ones with buckles but using a padlock instead of a clip to link the D rings?

Good solution, found a locking spreader on love honey though, may invest :)