Airbnb that allows nudity?

Hi I’m wanting to suprise my gf to a weekend away but I want to find a place that allows nudity in the hot tub?

How would they know?

I like the look of the Who'd Have Thought it hotel, some rooms have a hot tub indoor and outdoor, pretty cool looking hotel, one room has a pole and mirror above the bed etc so pretty sure they will allow nudity in the hot tub

Have a look at Host Unusual if you want something abit different to airibnb lots of choice some if which are pretty secluded.

That place has found awesome cabins for me and my wife I recommend them highly

Just do it anyway hun I’m sure they won’t know , hope your well :)

Have to let us know how you get on hun

There’s a new section on AirBnB for naturists.

CsMax wrote:

There’s a new section on AirBnB for naturists.

You have my attention!

Never even contemplated if it was allowed. Stayed in 1 air bnb and one hotel with hot tub. The air bnb it was in a private part of the garden. A BJ in the rain with a glass of champagne at.midnight really was a highlight!