Alex's Strictly catsuit

Anyone see Strictly on Saturday and notice Alex's amazingly sexy lace catsuit? Is this the same basic catsuit to which a few bells and whistles were added?

No i didnt but it looks amazing from that pic. I have checked out youtube and found the catsuit alex wore .. very nic e- shes got an amazing figure. You have to have curves in the right places to be that confident to step out in front of millions - good for her!!

Might make a replica for my OH then work out a Rhumba routine to practice with her. My sewing often comes undone - not such a abad thing when she's in a skimpy catsuit outfit (as long as its inprivate!) ;-)

Haha - well im sure your OH will appreciate your efforts, especially if it ends up looking anywhere near as good as the one on lovehoney

nice bit of welsh stuff yumyum

I dont think shes that gorgeous though- but what do i know .. im a woman - whereas Holly Valance is stunning!

she loves sheep too ha ha

I need to watch Strictly more. Thanks for the heads up!