amazon locker?


i see you sell your products on amazon website as well. i'm wondering why you are not using their amazon locker. i dont really want my girlfriend to know what i have lol there is an amazon locker in a co-op opposite my work place so i feel safer to have it delivered there.

why no amazon locker option?


You can have it delivered to your local PO though!

Hi there, if you ask 'Live Chat', they will be able to help you, and as Subby has said you can have it delivered locally - see link below :) x

thats the problem with PO, they all shut by the time i finish work

Whilst lovehoney have a store on Amazon, the orders are still fulfilled by Lovehoney - so would follow Lovehoneys delivery protocols.

When you say you don't want your girlfriend to find out - is it because it's a surprise or are you just don't want her to know your using toys?

Unless your company opens employee mail, why don't you get it delivered to work? The parcels are discrete so no one will know. Or you can arrange a PO delivery and pick it up on your lunch break or something?

there is no option to collect from local PO????

dont want her to know that i'm using toys. she;s very senstive person. she would not like it so i need to keep it secret! she often work away weekend.

we have a rule at work that we cannot having our personal stuff deliver to work. sucks

Why don't you pop onto Live chat - they'll be able to sort things out for you :)

there is a PO near my work. but i cant see an option for it be collect from there. i'm ordering a tenga deep throat

Best to asked live chat :)

sorted :)

Happy to hear =D

Cheap&Easy wrote:

More to the point:

Why are you hiding this from your girlfriend?


I was talking about this to my OH when I first read this thread, and I just don't get it, but didn't want to be the first to say: if you're hiding this from your girlfriend, and deliberately going to lengths in order to hide it, I think you need to take a look at your relationship and where your trust lies, rather than a look at delivery options :/

He has explained in a previous post why he feels the need to hide it from her

uk125 wrote:

she often work away weekend.

I'm sure someone will correct me if wrong but I thought you could choose a delivery date. If so, why not get delivery on one of the weekends she is away?

Isn't that only if you spend over a a certain amount?

So I guess it depends how much you're buying (but hey, if it's difficult to arrange a delivery, then when you do you might as well make it a BIG one and make it worthwhile eh? ;-) ).