Hi all, my wife's birthday is coming up soonish and I've been looking at taking her to amsterdam as she had mentioned it and is curious as to what its like there, what I would like is an idea of the shows to go and visit and also she has mentioned going to a classy club where we can have sex and people around us will either watch or also be having sex, who has any experience of this and is it as sexy as it sounds? Thanks

Hi, I haven't got any experience of this but it sounds great and I hope your wife has a good birthday.
Also, don't forget the art galleries and cafes.

Amsterdam is on my to do list with my OH for the same reasons and the bucket load of culture there as well. My brother has been a number of times and I have heard the stories, none of which have been anything short of awesome.

Go for it!

I went to Amsterdam last year, unfortunelty it was with my mother not boyfriend so no fun in that department was had. It is a beautiful place though, I'd defo recommend RLD & some of the sites. I fancied going to YabYum, a 17th centuary brothel you go round and talk to ex workers as it shut down a few years ago.

Go for it, she'll love it, you'll find what you're looking for without a doubt, the locals were much more open than I expected.

I love Amsterdam. We went a few years ago now, did a show but to be honest spent most of our time in the cafe's! Looking to go back this year for a bit more culture and kink!
Have fun xx

Sounds great

Sounds like I better get my tickets booked lol x

There is only 1 couple's club in amsterdam that will allow you to do what you want, sexual wise and it is called Club Paradise. It's £40.00 GBP entry fee and it can be arranged for a discreet driver to pick you up from your hotel and take you to the club.

It's a relaxed atmosphere but they do ask you to dress to impress. They have changing areas, so you could enter in smart casual and change into something sexier ;)

There is a pool and a sauna too, so would be good to take a rucksack of some sort with wash gear, clean undies etc, they have showers there too.

When I was over there a few years back, you had to pre-book but not too sure about it now.

It is the only legal club of this sort in the area, others aren't 'legal' or safe.

Myself and my parnter went to Amsterdam in Feb 2014. Wow is all i can say. Beautiful city so much to do.

1. Go to the RLD is brillant (its really nice and you can have a giggle too)

2. Coffee shops are very good. Even if you dont smoke it go in for a look around

3. Sex shops there is hundereds.

loads to do.

There is a suna also ( sorry i forgot the name ) that let you get your clothes off. Look it up.

In most of Amsterdam's sex shops, you can buy an erotic map of the city that shows where all the sexual attractions are on the map, as well as a categorized list of them.

It was really helpful while I was there. I only went to the shops but I managed to get to 30 in the 5 hours I was there for.

Casa Rosso is an enjoyable show to watch. There are couples acts, solo acts, audience participation acts, and comedy acts. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves.

That's how I know I am getting old... It used to be I wanted to go to the dam for the sex and the smoke! Now I just want to go to soak up the scenery lol :/

Grew up to quickly , Sine! Didn't really have a choice once we came back to scotland lol. Hence why I am very immature at times now, making up for a lost childhood haha x

Sarahgee wrote:

That's how I know I am getting old... It used to be I wanted to go to the dam for the sex and the smoke! Now I just want to go to soak up the scenery lol :/

I am two years younger than you and when someone mentions Amsterdam, I automatically think of the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Franke House, the Bijbels Museum and the Diamond Museum. I guess there are few people in their 20s who have more boring personalities than myself, lol.

No, Briona I am right there with you! Lol x