anal beads ..first time

The first time i did anal beads i was 20 and in college. my girlfriend at the time told me to try them. so she had on some rubber gloves like doctors use. she put them in and gave me a real nice blow job. she said when i feel like im going into the point of no return let her know., well when i started to cum she slowly pull the first one out and i shot to the moon. OH MY GOD and the the second one came out and i went all out of my mind and did not care what happened to me. the last 3 where ok but it was the first one that was like oh my god. she loved to do that to me and did for all that year. but then i went to a new college the next year out of state.
it was the best orgasm i had ever had up till then.
has anyone had a similar experience with anal beads..

i've always been too scared myself but i guess if i were to purchase some, i might give it a go! i tell the girls at the parties they give the most amazing orgasms and judging by your story, im not lying! would have to start off with the smaller ones tho - some of them are massive!

WIZADORA: oh my god yes they do really enhance your orgasm. if its done at just the right time that first one that comes out it rockets you to greater levels like fast. if it was not for my GF I would never had tried them out.

might have to give em a go then!!! :) im not adverse to things going bumwards!

Do they hurt? I know pulling plugs out your ass quickly is a bit of a sharp pain, so don't beads? Or do you not notice while orgasming? :)

Beads don't hurt at all when you pull them out, so long as you lubed them up well enough!

Admittedly, I'm not the hugest fan of anal play - possibly something to do with the size of Himself's *ahem* - but I do love anal beads. Plus, you have to remember, that the closer you are to orgasm, the higher your pain threshold is. Add this to the fact that, when you do actually orgasm your muscles, including that of your sphincter, contract and relax. What you are - essentially - doing when you pull the beads out, is prolonging the "relax" period by forcing your body to let the beads out and this has a similar effect as when you relax your bladder (pelvic floor) muscles in order to ejaculate (female or male).

CRAYOLA: no they dont hurt at all when you pull them out - its pulling them out that makes it sooooooooooo good. there is no pain it its done right.