anal beads - wife.Mirror on ceiling

Hi, I asked my wife if she wanted to try my beads and she said that it wouldn't have the same effect -
Can a woman be turned on or aroused my using beads? I am curious

How many people have mirrors on their the, have always wanted to put mirrors on our bedroom ceiling and I am curious how many people have them?
Thank you

Women CAN be turned on by anal play, beads, plugs or whatever. But that doesn't mean that any given woman WILL be turned on by it, or even want to try it. That sounded like a polite "thanks, but no thanks" from your wife, but do find out before you stop offering :)

I just rented a place with full-length mirrored wardrobes all along one wall! After the initial shock (6-8 weeks . . . ) they actually can be rather interesting.

Same as MM I used to live in a house with mirrored wardrobes and it depends on the mood as to how much I enjoyed them. Sometimes they made the whole situation hornier, watching yourself or your partner. Other times you will be halfway through a session and catch a glimpse of something you probably didnt want to notice. (So THAT'S my sex face??? Oh god!!)

My Mrs. absolutely adores her silicone anal beads!

We also mounted a mirror at the end of the bed, it's been great but in Winter we don't get as much use out of it (outside of the sheets)...

Thank you to all for the help. Will give it a go and will see about mirrors on ceiling.