Anal bleaching?

Does anal bleaching really work? Also my girlfriends friend told her that it can prevent hair growth in treated areas however I was unable to find information on this online. Does anyone know of that is true? My girlfriend and I are both interested in anal bleaching

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What’s the matter with the color of your asshole?

I’m pretty sure it can’t be healthy, and for the amount of time that people see it exposed, I can’t see this being worth the risk.

Do you mean to bleach the hairs?

There are specific creams to lighten the skin around the anus. I tested one years ago for LH.

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Oh - not for me thanks.
That is such a sensitive area - I would never risk it.
It could easily go wrong and you may end up in a worse position than before, not sure it’s worth it.

@Purring-Pussy so what did you think of the results?


@Cupc8kes Quite surprisingly the cream did lighten the skin, though I only used it for a couple of weeks before I forgot about it. I didn’t even look into the pros and cons of using the cream or whether or not it was safe for my skin as I didn’t even do a patch test.
In my naivety, I just assumed it most be okay or LH wouldn’t sell it, which it was totally safe, just the cream need not be a thing.

The cream very much reminded me of my acne cream (acnecide), as it smells of bleach and lightens your clothes if they come into contact with the cream.

I’m a bit older and wiser, now :blush:


Haha yikes! Never understood what bum bleach was as is it for lightening the hairs to damage them to not grow back or is it to lighten your bum hole to look like normal outside skin?!

I was thinking about this the other day as I’m contemplating getting it done. It’s to lighten the skin around the anus- well that’s what I would want done!

@Purring-Pussy do you remember what it’s called or if LH still sell it?

@PrettyKitty24 it’s no longer sold on LH I’m afraid, it was a few years ago now. I’ve looked to see if there’s anything similar but no joy.

My ex wife once suggested bleaching her arsehole…but I didn’t think I’d look good blonde. :thinking::innocent::joy::joy:


This is something I have considered and looked for creams to do it myself at home. Not sure I would be brave enough to get something like that done at a salon. Always bottled it and not gone ahead with purchasing anything because I’m scared it could go wrong and I’d end up in A&E with burns that would be embarrassing to explain. It is an area I’m very self conscious of though and it does make me hold back from certain activities because I’m conscious of it. Would love to find something safe and easy to use just to give me a confidence boost.

How are you possibly self-conscious of your asshole? I guess I like to keep the hair away from it so it is a bit more attractive to Mrs. Val, but other than the use of a mirror, this is a part of my body I rarely see. I also think that most people have not actually seen my asshole whereas I am far more worried about my lack of hair on my head, stomach size, muscle tone, clothes, etc.

I would bet that if you gave anyone a close look at your asshole in a sexual setting, there would be NO ONE who would say it was the wrong color, shape or size.
You are beautiful as you are and so are all of your holes… :wink:

I know it seems a bit silly but an ex made a comment years ago that the area was very dark and since then I have been very conscious of it. I am a big girl and he said that because I was big it was darker than thinner girls he had been with so he wouldn’t do anal play cause it put him off. I think it has just stuck in my head since then and now I am so conscious of it I won’t even consider trying anal play with anyone else.
Thank you for the kind comment though, it’s a shame some people aren’t as kind, especially when trusting them with something so intimate.

The guy is an idiot. What did his look like? Exactly…

You’re fine and not worth the potential risks of bleaching something that some “ex” thinks is not good enough. Asshole color is not associated with size or prettiness. I think that is one thing we are given that is unique. It’s a bit like hating your belly button. Very few are identical but if he said that it was “too deep” would you fill it?
Love yourself and get someone to give it a kiss. You’d be awful sad if you have a sensitive hole and liked rimming to find out that bleaching ruins the feeling…

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To be fair he was as hairy as a bear and the sort of man that thought allowing anything near his ass would make him gay so I never went near it.
Thank you for your kind words, you have made me smile.:grin:


Some people are such assholes.
People who make dumb, immature comments like that are usually just making themselves feel better about their own insecurities.
He could have just been using that as an excuse too, if he didn’t really want anal play.
That would be like you saying to him, I don’t want to have sex with you because your penis is darker than your body :roll_eyes:

Anyway, my point is - you should not let that pathetic comment bother you, every single person has private parts that are different colour to their skin.
It’s totally normal, so get out there and have fun with it :wink:


Thank you. He was an asshole and as thick as a brick to be honest. Unfortunately he had a fantastic cock that I couldn’t get enough of at the time. I put up with a lot from him because the sex was great when he wasnt being horrible to me. Just a shame he managed to get into my head and kill my confidence and self worth before I got fed up of his arrogant, small minded, nasty bullying personality and discovered I could make myself cum far better on my own.

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