Anal Douche and Butt Plug After?

Basically my partner is very into anal sex, I love anal sex also, however what I do not like is leaving little "suprises" behind after. I hate feelings dirty and can't fully enjoy my expierence. I have been doing some research into Enemas and Anal Douches.

It seems like a great idea for me, however I have never seen one used or even spoke to someone who has used one, so anyone who has tried please tell me:

How Do I use a Enema/Douche?

What do you reccomend for a first timer?

How long should you leave the water inside yourself?

What does it feel like?

And last of all, and what I am most curious about. While the water is still inside your anus, is it possible/safe to put a butt plug in to stop the water coming out immediatly? also if this is safe how long is recomendable?

Would be greatful for any help/advice :) Thanks for taking the time to read my post :)

Love Kath xxx

I do use a douche some times I normally spray 4 loads of waters into my bum at a time and then push it out it can feel quite nice, make sure u use warm water I repeat this 4 times.

Then use it empty and pump air up there to make sure its all out, then wait a hour before doing anything to make sure there no water left up there.

But what I find if you go to the toilet befor doing anal you should be ok.

Using a butt plug to hold it in sounds interesting I might try it.

If you do a search there are plenty of hints and tips on using douches on the forums. for example

search in the box at the top, for example

and on the blog

I prefer enemas to douches as I only feel truely clean and empty with an enema. However, for a first timer, a douche is the better option as its a much smaller volume of water.

Mistress loves to give me enemas and then put a butt plug in to hold it in. Its recomended that you use boiled (but cooled!) water with some salt in it otherwise there is a risk of the colon over absorbing water. I've had to hold water for about 15 minutes before giving Mistress oral sex before being allowed to expell the dirty water.

Basically, you squirt it up your bum - that's about it!

The feeling is like you suddenly really need the loo, which could be pleasurable for some. If you're just after cleaning out, then I don't think you need to leave it in for any amount of time. Putting a plug in may help hold it if you want to.

For a first timer the expulsion can be a bit swift (since it's liquid not solid) so you may want to release slowly & gently. Again, some can quite enjoy the feeling of release too. If you're into anal sex anyway I doubt it will phase you.

I've seen tell of things other than water being used for various effects and sensations - milk, champagne, coffee, yoghurt, a pinch of something to cause tingling/heat (mint, menthol), even a partner's urine. I've not tried any of those myself and I from what I've read the effects can be quite surprising the first time.

Thanks everyone. I'm thinking I will buy a simple Douche from lovehoney, I will give it a go and post back my findings :) thanks for your help everyone xxx

When using a douche I put in only one douche full (about 150ml) at a time and expel it. I found that if I put in more that it would sometimes push water up into the colon. I repeat the exercise quite a few times - at least 5 - till what gets expelled is clear. By the way, you may want a small amount of a waterproof lube to help ease the insertion of the douche nozzle.

Putting some air in using the douche results in some good damp f@rts that expel any significant water remaining in the rectum. By doing things this way I find I don't need to wait for water to be absorbed.

I finish off by putting quite a lot - 8 or 10 ml of Liquid Silk lube in with a syringe with the nub cut off flush. I find with this much lube things keep slippery for a long time so there is no need to break off from the fun to re-lube.

If I have not been on the receiving end for a while I use a dildo to ease myself. This really helps prevent any sudden painful tensing up during penetration.

I would of thought pushing id air wasn't good, or is that just for your vagina im thinking of

yeah thats only with the fanny I pump air up my ass to get it all out makes a wicked noise lol

I'll have to try the air option at somepoint! Always get a feeling of stuck water in all the wrong places :(

I'm a bit of an enema fan, although I haven't actually done one in quite some time.

It's a much more thorough cleansing than a douche as it rinses out the colon as well as just the rectum, but it takes longer to do so it lacks the immediate convenience of a douche. However, that's part of the fun if you incorporate it into some BDSM play; it becomes part of the whole scene, and there are lots of bits of equipment you can use if you're into the whole medical fetish thing - rubber sheets for instance.

The Higginson syringe is the most basic piece of kit. It's a rubber tube with a squeezy bulb in the middle, to which you attach a rectal catheter. The other end is then placed in a basin of (preferably) warm water with a pinch of salt, and you gently squeeze the bulb to pump the water in. This method is OK if you have an assistant, but it's a bit of a faff if you're on your own and it's harder to relax into things.

A better set-up is to get a 1litre enema container, which is hung on a hook or placed on a higher surface so that gravity does the work for you. It will have a longer tube and catheter with a tap valve, and is much easier to work with if you're on your own. You can control the rate of flow and take your time over it.
The catheter needs to be inserted fairly deeply to get the water up into the colon, but it's just a question of relaxing and being gentle with it; it's not painful or difficult. Lying on your left side is usually the best position.

An enema is actually a very pleasant and relaxing experience when you take time over it - often people who have had one in hospital situations haven't liked it because it's been administered too quickly. If you feel the need to expel during the process, just stop for a bit and gently massage your abdomen until the pressure eases, then you can continue.

It's pretty easy to take a full litre of water; with a little practice you can take two or more, which gives a pleasant feeling of fullness. I like to then insert a butt plug and retain the water for as long as I can, although that's not usually very long to be honest - certainly not long enough to feel safe leaving the bathroom! You can also get balloon catheters that can be inflated to remain in place.

Some oral or manual stimulation at this time can be surprisingly horny.

When you do expel the water, there is a strong emotional release as well - you really feel like a lot of psychological and emotional baggage has been flushed out as well. I think that's probably the main reason I like enemas; I always feel calmer and very relaxed afterwards, which is a good state to be in if you're planning a follow-up session of anal sex.

It's probably wise to wait for 30 minutes or so afterwards to make sure you've expelled all the water. Quite often I've found the need for a second visit to the loo, and you don't want to be in the throes of passion if that happens!