Anal Douche Newbie/ needed?

Got a partner who seems really into anal, which is something I am happy to explore.

I’ve never thought about douching and never done it previously, there never seems to be any issues post anal fun. However… recently whilst did some ‘self-exploration’ there, I felt I ‘made contact’ when I inserted a full finger up there and now its made me super paranoid!

Firstly, is it normal to be able to potentially feel something up there? Feel like this would really put partner off if he felt this (has this happened before or is it new just now that I know about it?!)
Secondly, I’m thinking of getting a douche and having a clear out before next session but I’m worried about a) not being able to expel everything and then it all coming out watery when something is inserted up there… and b) just making anything that may be up there wetter and therefore make it worse or runny when something is inserted?

Thoughts/ previous experience and advice very welcomed!


We have explored anal ALOT recently and we both never douche !!! I honestly have not tried it but it has crossed my mind !!

On the bright side we have not encountered any real mess either !!! Some people have had bad experiences but for the most part you don’t have to worry about that!!!

You are exploring an anus so fecal matter should be expected to be a good shower and scrub and being really relaxed dose wonders for us !!!

It’s anal, there will undoubtedly be poop/fecal matter at some point, even if you douche a million times :sweat_smile: If you both aren’t squeamish then I don’t see it as a big deal, and if you can’t stomach it then don’t do it :woman_shrugging: I douche and will still sometimes get remnants even if I douche several times, but we haven’t worked up to anal yet so I only have toys for reference (seems to stick more to silicone than glass/metal), but if there ever is anything it is very watered down and doesn’t smell as bad :sweat_smile: You might not have made contact with anything, perhaps it was the inner sphincter :woman_shrugging: And if you’re going at it I doubt his dick would be able to differentiate between anything :rofl:


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Providing you don’t have any issues with your stomach and bowel movements generally, then just making sure you have been to the toilet and emptied your bowels in advance of play should be enough. Douching wouldn’t have stopped you feeling poo inside you, as it is more about cleaning out an remnants on the anal walls rather than anything else.

In terms of douching, you need to do it a couple of hours before play to give enough time for all the water to come out (as it is very possible for it not to all come out straight away).

In terms of making things watery, you only need to squirt the water into the rectum and providing you went to the loo first, there shouldn’t be anything much in there anyway. If you go too deep and go into the colon then yes you can cause yourself some issues but you really shouldn’t need to go that far.

You don’t really need to douche normally, but some people do feel more confident for doing so (and some people enjoy the sensation of doing it too). If you are doing anal play regularly, making sure you diet has plenty of fibre and that your bowel movements are regular is should be enough. If you do decide to douche though, don’t do it too often and make sure you only use lukewarm, ordinary water.


This is exactly what I think :joy: When we had anal sex years ago, he went in bareback, and I thought, I hope I don’t get sh!t all over him, but he’s the one who wanted to stick it in my butt :woman_shrugging:t2: :sweat_smile:

I personally don’t like douching, but I don’t want to get anything on me or under my nails when I finger myself, so I use finger cots. I don’t really care if I get any remnants on my toys because I’ll just clean them when I’m done. It’s not a turn off at all for my husband - he’s just thrilled to be putting something in my butt :laughing::ok_hand:


I agree with @Calie , she always has the best advice and ‘a’ is always a possibility so a couple of hours in advance is a good idea. Personally, whether it is necessary or not, I love a quick douche with some nice warm water although I think the advice is not to overdo it


If you go more than once or twice a day, then a cleanout can be a good thing occasionally, but don’t overdo it, a few small volume douches is far better than one large one.

Your body needs a mix of good and bad bacteria to function properly, too much douching washes away them both and can cause issues.

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If you go to a doctor & they do a rectal exam, sticking their (gloved) finger up yer bum, they can feel if there’s a jobbie there so I wouldn’t worry about it. Just do what everyone suggests x
PS Welcome

I tend to douche before. If in the morning I make sure I’ve had a poo, then wait about an hour before douching. I quite like it. I then wait about half an hour to make sure nothing is coming out.

In the evening I don’t douche as I’m pretty regular.

You must anticipate the chance of some excrement but I’ve not had any issues.

If you decide to douche make sure the water is warm, apply a little lube to the insert pipe. Sit on the toilet and relax. You may get some fairly large bits out, keep going until nothing more comes out.

Thank you so much for all your tips!

I think I have to accept that if ‘shit happens’… then shit happens! :joy:

I’m not the most regular person in the world, maybe 3 or 4 times a week which I think is what I worry about it being sat there sort of waiting to come out… but I’m thinking next session planned then to maybe try it in the morning and give it the day to lose the water and if that feels like its gone wrong then we don’t do anal!

The theme of the advice seems to be… poo, douche, wait, enjoy!

Thanks again all! :grin:

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Best advice on this is to give yourself plenty of time in advance before play time so you can clear out and then get settled without any worries. Of course can’t expect to be 100% clean as after all it’s a bum hole so try not to put too much pressure on yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

Warm water is usually great for beginners to use but cold water will help speed things up.

How many places can you ask this question ? Not something you discuss with family and coworkers . I think the biggest part of how to proceed is your own digestive tract . I have used anal douching multiple times , often it can end up being messier . Often a good deposit can make the area you want to stuff quite clear . Small toys can be used with minimal room needed , but a larger 8" dildo that you plan to insert “balls deep” needs plenty of room . I think everybody has had a least one bit messier experience .