Anal irritation.

Hi guys. I have recently bought this:

and as a lubricant, I purchased this :

but the product sent to me was wrong but instead this:

I don't mind at wrong product being sent at all because the liquid silk is also good and slippy.

The problem I have now is that I'm completely new to anal discovery. Before, I had tried to finger myself, one finger, two next and I managed to insert 4 at max but it hurts so much. I've even managed to insert Now, I can insert 3 but still feels the burning irritation on my anal wall.

I don't exactly know if I'm doing it right. When I was searching for my gspot, I felt a soft, yet hard thing that feels like a gum and when I tried sliding and pressing it, it felt like a usual feeling, something pressing in the inside. I've put plentiful lube just outside my anal and some in my finger when I inserted it and in the naughty boy as well. After fingering myself for 4 minutes, I tried to insert the toy. The top tip felt alright but below the head made me outer wall irritated. After managing to put all of it in, I felt very full down there and felt like I needed to shit. I've cleaned myself before doing this.

Is my anal too tight, not used to this or is the toy too long and not hitting the right spot? Also, the burning irritation is a real problem, every time I finger myself, I always feel it. I can't seem to get rid of it.

Does this mean that I just don't enjoy the feeling of something being inserted in my ass?

If you're new to it then it can take some getting used to, and yes it will often feel like you need to shit. I have some big toys which I can use no problem and yet a small one which always makes me feel like I need to shit, I've no idea why.

Lube is a good start, but if you shove something in all the way the lube may not reach all the way in, I find the best way is working the toy in & out further and further and adding lube if it feels in any way irritating or difficult. If it ever hurts, you should probably stop and give it a rest.

Because my ass is too tight, the lube I use somehow dries up quickly on the toy because the hope keeps on stopping the lube, like squeezing it out the circumference :/

As ironic as it sounds, Rubber, I have tried shoving bigger dildos in the past, the same time I started fingering myself. I have the same feeling as you do. Small things makes me feel like shitting yet the big ones felt good yet irritating in my anal wall.

The irritation could be caused from the lube. I would try a different lube and see if you still have the same problem. Anal lubes are specifically designed to be thicker and last longer so it may be worth buying one (again). If you ever have a problem with wrong items etc, if you contact the Lovehoney customer service they are lovely and very helpful.

You could be irritating yourself if you are pushing yourself too far, too quickly. I would spend a while just using a couple of fingers. Four is a lot for a beginner and you want to let your body get used to it. When you do insert the toy go slowly, adding more lubricant as you insert if needed. Remember, you don't have to insert it all straight away