anal kegel balls?

hey guys, a thought just crossed my mind, can kegel balls be used analy? and has anyone ever tried this?

It might be possible but I think you should invest in a toy designed for anal use, like anal beads, a beaded butt plug perhaps (looks a bit like kegal balls) or an anal prober. If you use something anally, remember it might not be a good idea for your OH to use them vaginally.

It is possible (I have tried them) but not advisable. They are extremely uncomfortable and don't stay put very well at all and are likely to make an unscheduled appearance......or travel too far inside making retrieving them very difficult

I'd invest in toys intended for anal use if I were you. A nice round/bulbous butt plug will give you an extremely similar feeling and will be much safer x

me and my SO are using but plugs and anal beads for anal play at the moment but was curious as to the shape resabling anal beads if anyone had tried it but as you guys said well stick to actuall anal toys xD

Lovehoney sell the Fun Factory B Balls Butt Plug, which has free roaming balls inside so is pretty much jiggle balls for your butt. It has a T-Bar base to prevent it going for a wander around your innards, which is something that's very possible using standard kegel balls.

There's nothing on kegel balls designed for vaginal use to prevent your butt sucking them in (your muscles there are uber strong), so I'd strongly advise you not to try that. I have the Fun Factory B Balls and they're fantastic, so maybe have a peek at those :-)

ah brilliant ill have a look now thank you :)

I'm not sure if you want to use them for pleasure or to work the muscles but if it's for health, you can get anal probes for this TENS machine