Anal Lube Advice

I was hoping the LH forum might be able to offer some advice. Due to size compatability 'issues' we've always gone for a thicker anal lube and settled on Doc Johnsons stuff that comes in the black tub.

We like it if the lube is pretty thick and stays in place (liquid silk and silicone lubes just don't do the job), but unfortunately we're really going off the smell of the Doc J lube, it isn't very nice at all. What would people recommend as an alternative?

We have to also be pretty careful with ingredients as any glycerin based content instantly causes problems in the immediate area!

None of the above contain any glycerin, all of them have a thick consistency, it's just that not all of them were designed primarily for anal (some of them are supposed to be used for masturbation) but I believe they could work.

Lovehoney release product page ( also has a video in which you can see the consistency (which I believe is what you're looking for).

Also, none of those is petroleum based so the should smell fine

Thanks, the quantity we seem to go through could get quite expensive if we used the Aneros option!

The release look interesting, the Doc J stuff is like vaseline in consistency (and probably composition).

How about Lubrifist? Does that smell ok or is it rather medicinal?

This one is really good and you get 125ml so a nice sized bottle:

Its a great all rounder. It can be used with toys as it is water based, vaginally too but it is designed as the "anal lubricant" from this brand so it is thicker and gloopier than liquid silk or durex lubes. Its made of all natural ingredients, It tells you on the bottle it is free from DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, Propelene Glycol, Sorbitol and sulphates. It has no smell at all.

If you watch the video on the link I linked here, you will see all the products from this range. The consistancy of each, the best ones to use for your needs and also tells you what is in the lube and what isnt. Since i found this brand I wouldnt use anything else.

EDIT: The above link for the Sassy lube doesnt seem to have the Sliquid range video on for information on the range and to see the video (On which they go into detail about the sassy lube) Try going to this link:

The video is directly under the picture of the product x

....ooh we're going to sound fussy here but we didn't really get on with the sliquid lube we used, it goes sticky really fast and it isn't always easy to add a little water to get things sliding again!

Sliquid sassy is thick, the ingredients are safe & all, but it needed a lot of reapplication when we used it for anal (but it's one of my favourite lubes for vaginal use).

The lube I use is Maximus Anal Lubricant.

It's one of the best lubes I've ever used.

You might think that 50ml is rather a small bottle but you really don't need very much.

Definitely agree that the Doc J products smell immensely - my stroker sleeve actually contaminates the entire drawer with the rubbery scent! :s

2Wicked wrote:

Sliquid sassy is thick, the ingredients are safe & all, but it needed a lot of reapplication when we used it for anal (but it's one of my favourite lubes for vaginal use).

Not thick when compared with the Doc J type lube which is akin to vaseline is consistency! Its so thick the pump on the bottle is rendered useless nearly instantly.

Maximus has caught our attention before as we had (before discovering silicone lube) a lot of success with Liquid Silk.

We tried maximus andliterally cannot be happier with it, definately recommend it! we only bought the smallbottle andit has lasted a while, if we buy the big bottle itll definately last a couple/fewmonths xx

I use Sliquid sassy. It's thick but not too gloopy. Also it lasts a while too.

I give sliquid sassy the seal of approval too!

Has anyone used Crisco?