Anal newbie

I'm starting to play anal for the first time, going gentle, but I'm not sure how it should 'feel' up there. Once I'm past the muscle with my finger there is lots of soft 'fluffy' feeling tissue on the front wall against the vagina. Is this normal?

Hi emmjay - welcome.

Sounds normal to me! And you're doing the right thing by taking it easy. Maybe you could explore with a partner to reassure yourself that you're normal. Just be careful not to puncture or scrape the tissue with sharp things like long finger nails!

I'd suggest you buy some good lube - this perhaps:

Use plenty and explore more with fingers or a vibrator. You'll soon want to try bigger things, in which case a set of butt plugs is a good idea, so you can gradually increase the size as you get used to the feeling and begin to crave a more "filled" feeling.


Take it slow and never force anything. You'll find that you relaxe more and it becomes more natural and easy to take things inside you. After you become used to it, with daily practice you'd be amazed how large an object you can insert safely and pleasurably (if you WANT to go large - it isn't compulsory) I find that the more anal play you indulge in, the more you begin to crave anal pleasure. It's addictive!

Taking something penis sized - say 2 inches thick - is no problem at all from an anotomical point of view, but most folks like to start each session by warming up with small things first, which is why that set of plugs I mentioned would be a good buy for you. I'm quite into anal play myself - you might find one or two tips if you take a look at the reviews I've written here:

For anal use see:

Good luck with exploring - take your time and have fun! :-)