Anal newbie

My partner has been showing an increasing interest in anal play for him. Possibly cos he sees how much I enjoy it! So far I have managed to slip a well lubed finger in and so long as I take it nice and easy, he seems to get very turned on by it. He now wants to venture into vibrating toys and I wonder if you lovely people have any suggestions. My vibrating butt plugs are more towards the intermediate / advanced stage, and the thought of one of those going inside him kinda scares him. I've promised that I will be gentle with him :-)

i started off using anal beads then eventually went on to use a small dildo from the lovehoney basic strap on

Cupid's beginners butt plug or adrien lastic triball beaded butt plug are my recommendations. Since he's a he, the other adrien lastic plug might also be good - didn't do much for me, but I think it's designed for someone with a prostate.