Anal orgasm for women

My girlfriend is very lucky as she can orgasm very easily and recently showed her and made her feel comfortable with squirting she loves it and so do I :slightly_smiling_face: anal we are yet to try I do believe she is excited and wanting to but her bottom hole is very very tight. Anyway I’d only enjoy it if she was to enjoy it is it common to orgasm from anal sex ?

It isn’t as common as clitoral orgasms but many women can orgasm through anal. Even if she can’t orgasm from it, it can still be pleasurable.

Well sounds like a win win and something we will try :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for your response very helpful

I can. Amazing orgasms :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here. Anal orgasms are amazing for me. Jelly legs every time!


So good can’t wait to try

Yes me too…


I know many women who can only orgasm through anal sex.

If you would like I can tell you / her how best to start having anal sex.

Even if she can’t orgasm from anal sex it can be extremely pleasurable but only if it’s what she really want to do.

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I can’t orgasm from anal sex alone but love it with some clit stimulation. If she’s new to anal sex, remember to start with something small - sorry to state the obvious but thought I should check! :sweat_smile: if she’s happy to try, have fun and enjoy :wink:

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Yea she really wants to but we have tried before very slowly very softly she’s just to small even with lube just won’t fit :man_facepalming:

Have you tried a small butt plug or a finger? It might be worth her trying with a small butt plug on her own first. I found it helpful to try myself before letting my OH try one on me because I was in complete control and so I felt more relaxed

No nether

Definitely worth getting a small butt plug in that case. It took quite a while for me to get used to having something in my bum. Once I was comfortable with a few small plugs, I then let my OH use them on me. Only after that did we try having anal sex. I absolutely love it now but I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it if we went straight to using his penis without getting used to smaller things first.

Take a look at some of the beginners butt plugs on LoveHoney. If you need some suggestions I’m happy to have a look for you. If you don’t fancy buying a toy you could use your finger but you need to go really, really slow and make sure your nails are short and smooth!!!

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Thank you , she dose have some smaller toys I think we might try but yea definitely will be looking in to getting a but plug I think

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My wife doesnt often cum from anal but she likes making me cum from it even though i feel quite selfish, so i like to give her some clit stim at the same time, she finds anal relaxing and loves me fingering her bum regularly.
She did cum recently from anal after a lot of different foreplay build up (playing a sex truth or dare) that made us hornyer than weve ever been. So you could try that too beforehand.
Just remember start slow and small with plenty of lube
She has cum a couple of times before from anal when we were younger and way more active,

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If you’re going to use toys, just make sure they have a flared base to avoid any embarrassing trips to A&E :flushed:

Absolutely :+1:

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My wife doesn’t orgasm from anal sex alone but anal sex in combination with a clitoral Vibrator produce amazing results.

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I always need clitoral stimulation to orgasm so tend to play with myself or use toys while we have sex but the orgasm that comes with anal is earth shattering!
It’s not for everyone and she may not like it but I she does she will wonder why she didn’t try it sooner!

It has taken us years to build up to having anal, I really enjoy it now but I’ve never had an orgasm from anal alone.

I would definitely recommend as a build up just using your fingers more often during sex and foreplay first.
Try sticking 1 then 2 fingers in her bum - after a couple of times of doing that, try to see if you can manage to get 3 in while she is horny.
Once you can comfortably play with 3 fingers in then the penis shouldn’t be too far off.

Another thing is, I don’t enjoy butt plugs personally - the first things I started to and still do enjoy are anal beads. They are nice and not too thick and just gets you used to having things in your bum.

Finally, once you both have spent some time preparing her - this may take a few weeks, let her tell you when she feels ready.
I found it easier at the beginning to sit on top of my hubby so that I could be in control of the movement which made me relax more as there was less pain.
But the more you do it, the easier it gets.

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