Anal play

Can regular Anal play be bad for you?
I am wondering if stimulating the prostate regularly could have any side effects?
I am pretty mature age wise and it was only during lockdown my OH bought me a Hugo prostate massager (i don’t know why she did) and for the first time in my life opened my eyes to unbelievable anal pleasure! I’d been sitting on this pleasure zone for years without realising it. Its wonderful, no ejaculation to clean up and just makes me feel good.
The question is - I feel fine but is too much a bad thing?

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Why do you think it would be bad for you? As long as your prostate is in good health then there would be no problem simulating it as long as its comfortable for you.
Do you think too much stimulation on the gspot or clitoris is harmful?

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It should not cause any harm unless you push too hard with the prostate massager as that could damage the prostate. As long as you are careful you will be fine.


I for one love anal play so does OH it was her who introduced me to it by sliding a finger or two into my ass while giving me a BJ one day we have since then progressed to her pegging me regularly and that is amazing she also on the odd occasion fists me.She also likes anal play while on the receiving end of oral and does like my cock in there also

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Everything in moderation have fun my friend!

Thank you guys - your replies are reassuring and also interesting.
I had a completely mindbendingly wonderful -A-gasm this morning.
I have a small coulpes vibrator made by We-Vibe called We Vibe X . Its designed for vaginal use but it pops easily up inside my anus 2 1/2 “ so it can hit the P spot perfectly. Set the right mode and speed it delivers the sweetest sensations I have ever had.
It just puts me in a good mood with life, with my body and everything.
If I’d known what I was walking around with years ago I would have developed a permanent smile by now!
Thanks to Lovehoney for providing the toys to unlock this treasure trove of gorgeous sensations.
I can’t wait for the next play session! :smiley:


I prefer anal over vaginal penatration and have been doing it regularly for over 20 years and no problem here


I’m pretty sure I read a study a few years back what praised how prostate stimulation especially in middle aged life can be rather healthy for keeping a good prostate working!

Of course all things in good moderation as they say :wink: