Anal sex postion

Morning all,

My question is, whats the best postion for a woman to have anal sex?

We are relative beginners and I want it to make it as easy/comfortable as I can for the OH.

We started out with me being on all fours either on the bed or floor (with a quilt or blanket so don't hurt knees) ^_^ I found that the best position ease into what we can do now.

MissNoir wrote:

We started out with me being on all fours either on the bed or floor (with a quilt or blanket so don't hurt knees) ^_^ I found that the best position ease into what we can do now.

+1. It's the easiest position to get comfortable access for you both.

Thank you MissNoir and Subdom27 for your advice! x

I find being on all fours with my legs together, my chest to my knees and my head a little lower than my ass works well. I also breathe deeply as he enters me; in just as he starts to push against my ass and out, relaxing deeply as he enters me. I repeat this as he eases himself in til I can take evey inch. He really loves it too as it builds his sense of anticipation and he can feel everything.

Many Thanks! x

Her with her arms crossed and shaking her head firmly is our usual. :p

No problem, hope it goes well for you both! Remember take it slow, use tons of lube and communicate, it'll get easier the more you two do it and relax x

me and my mrs like it when she's on her back with legs pushed up towards her chest , arching her back a little its great for anal plus you've still got access to her clit and pussy you get to see the enjoyment of it on her face , way better than doing it doggy style !

When me and my partner first started out I found the most comfy way for me was on my side in a sort of spooning postion. x

I'm a fan of on the back with knees to the chest (just be careful about kneeing your boob! So painful!!!) because it's good depth and he can still stimulate my clit while we can both enjoy the satisfaction our faces show. Invest in a good, thick, water based lube.

Anything rear entry works best for me, so spooning or doggy. I find if I'm on my back it puts waaaay too much pressure on things and I can't relax enough.

prefer this when im on my back and legs in the air. partner goes for it and i stimulate my clit at the same time. Get her to stimulate her clit before you begin to relax her, it takes her mind off any possible uncomfortable feelings she might experience

Good to see I'm not alone in the on her back position ......has so many more benefits ....for both !! ;-)

on my back with my legs in the air, definitely! Soo sexy to look at each other when being filled

Before I was pregnant I found laying on my belly worked really well, on all fours didn't really work for me as I couldn't relax enough.

On all 4's works best for us. We can do it with her on her back and legs up but only if I go really slowly.

My OH can take it in pretty much any postion nowadays but I remember when she first started she found spooning to be the most comfortable for her.

I find missionary most comfortable! With legs over his shoulders!


. I built up to it as I had found it uncomfortable last time we tried. We got maximus anal lube, lovehoney basics beginners butt plug and lovehoney basics anal beads (the reversed ones). We started by playing with the beads and plenty of lube. I was surprised they all went in so easily without me even realising they had. I found I loved these and they made me orgasm just using those. We then moved onto the butt plug, again it slipped in really easily. I think the enjoyment of using these toys and how easily I had been able to have them inside me helped to build my confidence and reduce my worries of anal sex. We moved onto spooning for, again with plenty of lube. I also used a vibe at the same time which helped.