Anal sex virgin advice please?

As the title reads, I'm obviously a newbie to anal sex and recently it has been put on the table to me to try it. I really want to try it and was close to doing so on Tuesday. Due to never doing it before I kind of got paranoid and asked if we could try it another time.

NOW I have plenty of time to prepare for it (between 1-3 months) I want to make sure that I am ready when it comes to the actual moment.

I want to get an anal sex toy priced between £5-£15 to start using and getting used to anal play with before the actual moment. I have read some advice on Lovehoney's blog and it has been super useful, but I feel I would like some personal advice from you guys as well. Like did you use an anal douche when you first did it? What lubrication did you use? Which condoms are the best? You get the picture. =)

So any advice would be amazing and extremely helpful! One toy I have my eye on is the one by Tracey Cox, any bad or good experiences about this would be great to know about!

Thanks and I'm sure you guys will be extremely helpful. =)

I'm still working up to anal myself so I can't advise on the actualy penetration but I will highly recommend this little toy BASIC Sex Toys Slimline Butt Buddy Butt Plug&reviewid=24036#customer_reviews

It really is a fab first time anal toy! Plus it's half the price of the TC anal stuff.


The best advice I can give is to take your time, make sure that your ready for every step and only do any ass play when you're relaxed and ready, if you're tense the muscles will be tence and thats when it will hurt. You are right to work up to full anal but a single but plug isn't always the best way remember you need to work up to the size of your OH's cock so you may need a few different sizes a set that me and my OH have found good for this is and remeber always use plenty of lube I would go fo a normal water based lube plenty available on LH some people may disagree but I would stay well away from the numbing lubes you need to be able to feel what is going on or you could do damage when you start or are moving up in size there may well be some discomfort but if it is realy hurting then something isn't right pain is there for a reason and take notice of it but if you are relaxed and work your way up it can be really worth it.

Relax relax relax, it sounds like you have a good plan already - have a play and practice. It will all be worth it!

Get "Anal Pleasure and Health" by Jack Morin. It's an excellent excellent book and should answer all your questions.

Im new to anal play myself but have had someone telling me i should try it so i finally decided one day that i would try with a finger in the bath after all where else are you going to be more relaxed other than laying in bed trying to get to sleep and unable to? I found that teasing my self a little and then slowly inserting the finger it was pretty easy, a day later i tried it out of the bath and it was a little harder because there was no lubication after which i thought about a toy and some lube.. (no not used an anal douche but considering one)

I first brought brought this toy: and then this: i pref the second toy to the first and i am thinking of one getting one of the toys that have been suggested to you by Alicia and bulldog_71 i think somthing that will actually stay there will be a better idea and this is why i pref the beads so i agree a but plug or one with ridges would be best to start with.

As for lube ive just been using some over the counter stuff from durex from there play range, i hihgly recommend getting some to clean your toys with after using and yes sometimes there could be a little unwated buisness.

As already said just take ur time and experiment dont rush into it try it solo first then there is no presure (imo) and you will be more relaxed.

Hi Little Lady, I would agree with everthing that's been said here, start with a small item and work your way up slowly and use plenty of anal lube.

If your bowel habits are fairly regular, you will probably find that your anus is free of waste matter as long as you avoid the time a few hours either side of going to the loo. You'll get to know your body the more you experiment. If you're concerned about the risk of making a mess, a quick douche beforehand will provide complete peace of mind. And obviously, take care to clean up afterwards.

Most important of all, have fun!

Douche with warm water, Relax, Loads of lube, Start of slow & small and slowely work your way up.

If anything starts to hurt, STOP and continue once the pain subsides.

Dont use any desensitizing lubes or creams as you wont feel any pain if there is any. And that isnt a good thing.

Recommends - Maximus Anal Lube.

Sassy Anal Lube.

Durex Play Cherry ( its thicker and greasier than the other durex lubes )

Liquid silk.

Surgical gloves ( weird i know - but makes fingers smoother, covers nails - ideal for first time anal play :) )

Sensual music and candles - Set the mood ;)

And this comes from an anal connoisseur ;) xx Hope it helps.


i would start with the tracey cox beginners one, comes with a little book full of info the go onto the more advance on i have this one and love it! i also have a bullet to go with this and it blows my mind!

Great advise Hella, never thought about mentioning positions but yes spoon positiion is one of the best for attempting and also missionary with legs in air i think.