Anal Stretching

Morning ladies and gents, it been quite a while since i’ve Posted but I do often pop in for a browse and a read.

so I’ve just placed an order for a for bits and one of them is an inflatable butt plug. No we are fairly new to anal but have been experimenting for a few years, I say fairly new because we don’t do it as often as we’d like. Now I’m more into it than what the wife is (Receiving) however she love playing with me, pegging me and generally just playing with my rear entrance, which I likes, a lot! So a bit more background info which may help others on here I don’t know but please read on if you’re interested. I always had an interest in anal sex with a woman (giving not receiving) I mean what man doesn’t these days, you look at porn and all the macho hype that lads go through in their youth it’s understandable. My first experiences of giving anal sex didn’t really do much, I put this down to inexperience and a massive lack of knowledge!!!

Fast forward a few years and I’ve been with my partner, now my wife, a few years, we have kids, house etc... in a stable relationship. We’ve tried anal a little but nothing serious. One day we are having a bit of fun in the bedroom and I remember suggesting that if she wanted to slip a finger in she could, by this time I have already done it solo and didn’t object but wanted to know how it felt with someone else doing it. Since then things have progressed a little, first it started butt pugs, small ones first like and we were both enjoying them BUT this is the point where my wife and myself began to differ, she was content with the small plugs, could sometimes manage my penis and that was about it. I on the other hand wanted more, so it wasn’t long before these were ordered, and at this point with the largest one in I was happy but let’s say these were good for warm up but a little dull after. So after a few chats with the wife she had suggested a harness so we could try pegging, neither of us knew how this would go, I was very nervous as all the thoughts rushed into my head like, am I gay? What if any friends accidentally find out? How do we explain this to the kids if we were caught?

‘So one day shortly after my fiancé at the time is in town and goes into a well known high street sex shop and they had a starter harness kit on offer. She called me up and asked if she should get it, I agreed. NOW THEN, what an experience for the both of us! OH got off in a big way in the role reversal, we tried a few positions and I loved it although I couldn’t take it for a long period (not sure if that’s normal). Again after a few sessions I again just wasn’t satisfied, my wife was still very happy with the small plugs which I don’t even entertain now. We had read into prostate milking and thought a handsfree orgasm sounded fun and bit kinky so in comes... now I have to say this little beauty puts another dimension on anal play! Very smooth, does require a little bit of warming up prior to insertion but hey, once in and i’m Wriggling around the bed and handsfree orgasms are not an issue. But again I wanted more, I needed to feel fuller. A knock at the door comes and our next LH purchase arrives! now when I opened this I was a little taken back by the size, this was certainly a step up in anal play for me. My nearly wife but still fiancé just held it in her hands with a little smirk and that look (guys you know the look I mean) and said, i’m Going to have fun with you tonight! So as the routine goes, shower, douche, set the mood, set the bedroom up so things are on hand, foreplay, warm up, then in the tantus goes, quite a stretch for the tip as that is the widest part. 3 or 4 strokes and I’ve adjusted and loving it! 5 minutes later it’s in the harness and away we go! After a few pegging sessions, solo plays etc.... you guess it I wanted more! But this time I wanted more length, I was happy with the stretch at 5.25 inches circumference.

in comes one of my next purchases, this certainly gave me the length I wanted, not quick as much girth as the tantus but certainly a great feeling when it slides in all the way, again after a quick solo play (I insist on playing solo with a new toy so I find my own limits before letting the wife have her fun) this is in the harness and well... I guess you know the rest.

‘Now in between these toys I have listed above at some point I bought the Anal stuffer from LH I started to wear this once I was clean and ready for playing a little later. I’d probably wear it for half hour before we started playing in the bedroom, with this I felt full to an extent but due to the flared base it becomes uncomfortable very quickly. It really could do with being shaped better. I thought i’d Try another large ish plug and bought this now to this day I have succeeded in getting this in. I put this down to the fact of it not being tapered which in my experience makes a huge difference. I believe I need something tapered to open myself up past the 6 inch circumference and then slip this in.

So onto my new desire of fisting, my now wife really wants me to first her vaginaly however I have rather large hands and getting past the knuckles are a problem, all of our kids have been delivered be C Section so she has never given birth naturally, whether this is part of the problem or not I don’t know but we love to keep trying and we have recently almost succeeded, so maybe it will happen soon. So as she wants me to do this to her, I clearly love inserting thing in me there was only one Logical I have trawled the big web in search for good info on how to avheieve this, obviously porn makes it look very easy (who else thinks there should be more step by step genuine guides from the professionals?), Lovehoney’s very own Jess Wilde video on YouTube has good info, a few other websites about and I think I have established it can be a long process. So apart from the obvious of safety and cleanliness oh and don’t forget lube, I have come to the conclusion that it’s not a quick job, to achieve it in one session is highly unlikely BUT regular sessions is a must! Now I was reading last night that inflatable butt plugs are a big help in stretching, but when I have looked at then the bit before the base is always quite slim and therefore I’m thinking that’s the bit I need to stretch so that ain’t going to work now is it? Little further down in the text I was reading and voila, you insert the plug deflated and then pump it up a little and remove it whilst pumped up. Each time inflating a little more thus stretching your anus. This website advise on this method as your anus is supposed to be a one way passage therefore this method stretches it the natural way, well to be fair this makes sense in my head so this morning I have order a couple more toys to join my forever growing arsenal. I ordered an inflatable butt plug, this one I choose this one because I know full well I can take its size deflated with no issues but no way I can take its inflated size. I got this to try the method I mentioned above, I will of course get pleasure out of it as i’m Sure my wife will too. I have also ordered this now this bad boy looks quite scary but reading the reviews it looks to be quite a worthy tool. My thinking is I can control the stretch easily and as it’s tapered I will find my limits easily and can work on the slowly with solo play to untimatly achieve my goal of taking bigger toys and hopefully my wife’s fist.

if anyone has any pointers or advice it will be welcomed openly.

i must add one more purchase to my little list that we’ve had for a while and that’s this

now this is great, we are in no way into pain pleasure, however a little light flogging and spanking during play is more than acceptable. The tassels on this are of course great for flogging but also great for just simply teasing by letting them drag over the body to tickle and tease. Now onto my favourite part of this toy, the glass end. I love this in my ass, my wife loves the view of it in there and as it’s textured it feels absolutely amazing when she twists and turns it whilst thirsting in and out. It’s not overly big either so could be used by beginners.

any way I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, when I started this thread I didn’t think I would jabber on as much, i’m off to hunt out a couple of old threads and maybe post on some new ones. Once my new toys arrive I will happily discuss them further on this thread along with how I get on.