Anal toy for beginner

Hi can anyone recommend an anal toy for a beginner? Dont want something too big or too wide as like I say my wife is a beginner. I want it to be something she'll enjoy and not something that'll put her off.


This one

Down to 4 quid and you can get it in 3 for £10; Is a great starter toy.

The one I posted above I chose partly for it's small size, but more for it's shape, all too often "beginner" plugs are slender without a large difference in size, whilst that makes for easy insertion it also can "fall out" which you don't want as they are meant to stay put, hence that one, the small neck really helps stop this, so can use whilst having sex, or walking around.

lovehoneys prober tgats been linked by cuddlekins is good as is the butt plug linked by quiet ones are worse. Start small and work up.

Thanks everyone - much appreciated!

We started off with the old version of this

But anything not too big will be fine if you take it slow

This was my first anal toy

It was a nice size, soft & easy to use, as long as you take it slowly, use lots of lube & relax, you'll be fine ^_^

I'd reccomend these Silicone Anal Beads from Tracy Cox

In contrast to the other "entry level" anal toys, these beads are really soft and flexible - squidgy to the touch. Pair with some good lube and you're good to go ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Many of the toys others have posted are a big no. Jelly toys contain chemicals that can irritate the sensitive anal tissue, not to mention that they are porous, so you can never get them completely clean. Go silicone or glass.
Also, those tiny buttplugs aren't going to be used much. They are only as thick as your finger and even a beginner will get bored of them quickly. Go at least intermediate and explore with fingers and such until she's ready. You'll get more use out of your money.

Thanks KinkyGoblin - sounds like good advice! Much appreciated.

If you're looking for a more phallic option we had great success with this one:

Though you'll want to either slip a condom on it or be very thorough in cleaning it as the logo is sadly in a less than perfect spot in that regard.