Anal toy recommendations

I’m looking for a new suction cup dildo that’s ideal for hands free anal play. I bought the Basics slimline 6 inch not too long ago but it just doesn’t do much for me. I find it to be a bit too thin and short for my liking and the suction just was non existant. I need one with a strong suction. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you.

Do you have any idea what circumference your after?

Just bought the
Dr Joel Kaplan 6.5 Inch Vibrating Prostate Massager does this hit the spot?

Probably around 5 inches.

I’d recommend the lifelike lover, superb suction cup and the circumference you’re after :+1:


Agreed, it does have an amazing suction cup. I think one of the reviews even says someone pulled a dent out of their car with one.
Have an easy remove tab too.

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that sounds like the sort of thing i need, that k you guys so much, i’ll check it out!