anal toy suggestion

Hi I want to try a anal experience using a vibrating butt plug but the item I bought didn't fit and I am returning it,any suggestions on which one to buy and just to help I am 25

Couple questions, if I may...

Which one are your returning? And when you say it didn't fit, describe what you mean by that, and what you tried to make it fit?

Have you any other expereince of anal play?

it's the latest one the anal experiment extra quiet vibrating butt plug with suction cup and I put lubricant on the toy then on my anal I tried inserting it by sitting down then inserting from the front then put more lubricant on both but it just wouldn't go in it just slipped aside and it tends to hurt trying to get it in

no this is my first anal play

This one Mastershy

Hi, the latest plug you're referring to is more of a medium range plug. As this was your first anal play I'm not surprised you found discomfort even with lube. You can't rush straight into these things. It takes time :)

I'd recommend a beginners plug instead; here's a link to all the ones that Lovehoney stock.

Yep, too big too soon. When I first started out it took a lot of play just to adjust to having something in there!

I'd recommend something no bigger that 3" circumference to begin with. And when you feel ready for something bigger, don't increase by more than 1" at a time. And I'd wear your smaller plug for a good half hour, before you take it out and try the next size up.

I'd consider myself an intermediate to advanced anal player now, but even when playing with my largest toy (7.5") I invariably use 3 to 4 toys in the build up.

Getting it right and being patient is so important. Anal is like Marmite, insomuch as if you rush it, it'll be crap, but properly prepared is incredible.

One last thing, however much lube you used before, triple it.

The beginners butt plugs page referred to above is great. I have this one:

It was my first vibrating butt plug. But I bought the extra small silicone one first and this was my second. It's fab, take your time and you'll be able to work your way up!

yeat that is a good point it did look bigger than I thought I'll try one of the begginers ones thanks guys I'll try either this one

or this

The first will be better. A tapered/ pointed tip is important on beginners plugs.

Definitely try your first choice first 🙂

I'd go with the Butt Tingler out of those two!

You'll love the butt tingler!! Still a firm favourite of mine!

just purchased the butt tingler I'll let you all know how it goes