anal virgin

hi im wanting to try anal for the first time with a new partner im just wondering wheres best to start coz im scared but quite curious lol

First, you must be in the mood and relaxed, any tension will result in a bad experience. Also start small and slow. Start with a small plug or finger to get those muscles used to something being there, they will want to automatically push something out. When you think you have enough lube, then use some more. During insertion you can push out, not squeeze, I know it sounds weird but try it. Talking is important, if it hurts then you are going too fast. Go a little and relax, then move forward a little more. Hope this helps a little, have fun. Once you get relaxed and used to it, it will open doors you never thought.

hey thnx for the advice :)

Try using the search bar at the top. You'll find LOADS of information there. :)