Anal vs vaginal

Are there any people here that prefer to do anal sex to vaginal sex because it gives them a stronger orgasm?

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Yes I much prefer anal to PIV, I can’t climax from PIV. Edited to add I identify as both male and female but was born female.


Not a woman but I do have a vagina… and yes, I prefer anal over vaginal sex. I can’t come from either but I find anal more enjoyable and it gets me closer to orgasm because the feelings are more intense.


Didn’t realise how many people would prefer receiving anal sex to vaginal sex


I love anal and can only orgasm via anal - vaginal does nothing for me and can hurt if he takes me too deep


So you can take anal deeper than you can vaginal? Does anal feel better because you can take it deeper then?

I prefer vaginal, it feels right to me. Just as anal feels right to others.

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My man is big but I feel good with anal but vaginal can hurt especially when he goes for it as he reaches climax

What makes it feel more intense for you?

Sounds like you’re a big fan of anal. When did you realise you prefer anal?

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Definitely vaginal, I couldn’t even do a butt plug for very long, let alone him.
I’m not against working towards it but he’s done anal with others in the past and prefers PIV anyway so I don’t have any pressure to work on it. I am interested to see what others say and whether it will kick me in to gear to try it though.


Wife prefers anal over vaginal.


Just came across your comment and would like to put out there that I do prefer vaginal, however, it did take me years of practice to get to the point where I am now for anal.

My game changer was buying the doc Johnson- golden girl Anal jelly from LH. I had tried multiple lubes and none were as good as that one.
I slowly went from beads to butt plugs. But the thing that actually helped the most was position. We would initially do it sort of doggy style and I couldn’t cope. I slowly learnt to sit on him (sorry for graphic details) and was able to take control and ease into it. Although we don’t do it that often, anal is amazing for me now.

Sorry just thought I’d share, worth persevering I’d say :slightly_smiling_face:


@Shannon41 thank you!! That’s really helpful I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Over 20 years ago - when I was about 20 I started dating my husband and during sex I found it was his pleasure and I got nothing out of it - no matter what angle - however as he is long he goes too deep and when he was close to climax he would always thrust his length and this would hur.

We therefore tried anal and while it took time to get used to it - I found it so much easier and was able to enjoy penatration and he loved it as well

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Would you say that in the vaginal area you’re very tight?

I love anal, and he loves to give me anal. The orgasms he gives me are so intense and amazing.
But it has to be PIV for me, I just the love the feeling of him, giving me some amazing orgasms.


I love all types of sex
but anal is love

What makes anal your fav?

Funnily many men I’ve spoken to on date sites who’ve had both women and men say they much prefer anal as they like how it feels on their cocks with the tightness and stuff :sweat_smile: