Andro Penis Enlargement System Question

I'm rather tempted by one of these, but browsing some message boards, i noticed concern that such devices make the penis look wierd, both flacid and erect. anybody got any anecdotes to share? or do i have nothing to worry about?

i'm not likely to "speed the process up", if anything i'm likely to be on the cautious side in using it. after all, this is my little guy we're talking about.

i'm about 5" when erect, and it bends to the left (my boner got booted as a teenager, lol), so i'd like it straightenned out more than anything.

well, thanx in advance, guys!!!

Hi there Klink this is sensitive stuff but for u worthwhile. I use a jes (same beast)because I have been a victim of peyronies disease as you prob are.(check it on web) There is no harm done by extenders as far as I can tell. I went down to 4.5"(peyronies)and back up to over 7"
But use a cock ring peyronies can damage the blood flow. Ring sorts it. Don't worry its reality you can break a cock!

To oa sex chimp, If you are legally allowed can you give this guy and only this guy my email address so that I can give him more info to help him than this space provides. Thanks mate, s/beast

OA Sex chimp This in Love but not that kind. Can we see you at your best instead of after the party. Time for a change me thinks and just maybe I'll change my pic to me holding up a bath towel on my cock. Without charging or paying anyone lol. s/beast. Unless of course you like the sensitivity of it and want to know the place. Try blowing it up. Its a quality pic. Its a quality place as well. Basic but what sex isn't.

Hi mate id like some info on the JES extender does it work i found one on another site but looks very similar and alot more expensive, which looks best to you forgetting about the cost. i dont know how to view my reply to this so please ring me 07811296794