Anniversary gift

Afternoon good people of the forum,being the wise and helpful folk that you are I’d like to pick your brains for ideas.
Our 13th wedding anniversary is upcoming and i buy Mrs Pootle something that relates to the year in question in both colour and materials.
I’ve gotten a few quirky gifts over the years but this year I’m struggling to be honest so any suggestions would be welcome, the colour is white and the material is lace.


Maybe try looking for a white lace babydoll style dress?
Or the obvious would be a lace body stocking :slightly_smiling_face: maybe even a nice lingerie set paired with a lace mask

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A white lace placemat with a message on the back for a night away and a meal…

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Might need to remove the link as its not Lovehoney :wink:

Maybe some white lacy cuffs and/or blindfold?

Or you could think outside the box entirely and get her some white shoelaces and attach them to something more substantial?

A pretty summer top or a cover up for summer days on the beach / by the pool? Some pretty shoes, white lace trainers or ballet pumps are in at the moment.

You can also get white lace pendant necklaces that are very pretty, might be worth a look on etsy.


Are you after sexy gifts or normal?

Morning guys, my bad i should have said “normal” gifts as anything sexy would be inappropriate at this point in the relationship and would probably be frowned upon…
Thanks for the suggestions so far,some food for thought :+1::+1::+1:


earrings or other jewellry (I have seen lockets and pendants) where the pattern is lace. I have some lovely earrings that look like lace, but are black metal. Also like the idea of the beach cover up…to go with beach holiday tickets!

I think this needs clarification… you have been together 13 years as friends? It’s “Mrs. Pootle” but no sex? I am confused a bit and I think this matters for the gift ideas.

Sorry to pry - just seems odd that after 13 years of being together something sexual would be inappropriate

Lyrics to a song (poasibly the song you danced to at your wedding) printed and framed. Website song lyric prints can print it to look like burlap and lace.

Someone on etsy sells wedding lace keepsake jewellery, rings and necklaces, if you have some lace from your wedding.

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To much to explain in one post and to be honest I’d like to keep this particular thread on the “happier” side of things…
However I’ve got plenty of posts about my situation if you want to find out the reasons for my thread :+1:

All good pal - I get it. Happy shopping!

@pootle Not what you want to hear but a Wedding Dress ticks all of the boxes.

@LPX She’s not getting another one of those unless she marries someone else :rofl::rofl::rofl:

We were given a beautiful picnic basket for our 13th Wedding Anniversary it has a white lace lining (which can be wiped clean) It was filled with plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery. They had also added champagne and chocolates. We still use it a lot (26th Wedding Anniversary this year)
Would something like that work for you?


lovely idea, or maybe buy some lace fabric and use that as the wrapping for another gift like bottle champers and nice glasses. wrap in the lace with a nice ribbon or in a gift box

Congrats on 13 years, hope you find something nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Maybe make something? You can buy lace-making kits (or macramé if you’d like to work on a bigger/chunkier scale). Or if she’s crafty buy the kit for her.

have you decided @pootle ?

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