Anniversary ideas?

It's our wedding anniversary in 3 weeks,and a very good friend will be having our daughter for the night,so we can have some us time,just looking for some ideas to make it special ultimately leading to some sex,my wife isn't really into sex toys although I would love to introduce them,any gift ideas you lively people can recommend.thanks in advance.

Dunno about the sexual side of things but flowers nice resteraunt a surprise gift like some jewelery and a few hours being pampered in a salon may get her in the mood.

Hiya, early congrats on the anniversary!

I'd suggest this non-threatening starter kit that has everything you'd need- It's suitable for couples. I'd advise perhaps surprising her with some romantic lingerie (if she likes wearing them) and also a blindfold and unsuspectingly start off by kissing her body and introducing some lube (provided in the pack) you can then start using the bullet in areas where she'd like to be stimulated. This can include nipples, clitoris etc. Make it pleasurable and sensual. You can also start off with a massage oil or candle and get her to relax with a massage.

This oil is on sale at the moment and reviewed highly-

Hope that helps and enjoy looking. =)

Spoil her first ,underwear is a good idea but don't go too sexy or she might feel under pressure to perform. Go out have fun,then come home to candles and a massage,she will appreciate the effort , make it sensual,if she's not really into sex toys the bullets are great,small quiet and more importantly good!! Hope it all goes well

Start off with fun toys that arent too overtly sexual then if she likes it you can gradually introduce more variety :) take your time and don't rush her x

I know you have good intentions, but if your wife isn't into sex toys, DO NOT spring them on her unawares! It's very possible she'll feel pressured, or offended even. It's really something you should both explore together! That said, lingerie is always a good suggestion, but only if she likes to wear it and you know what her style is. Otherwise, you could be walking into a minefield.

Ultimately, just keep it in mind that the gift is for her and not for you! If it's something you would like her to wear or do... that's for you, not for her, unless you know for certain she'd enjoy it.

Get a nice lingerie catalogue and say take your pick or browse the LH site together

If your wife likes it, a full body Thai massage, then romantic dinner at home? I always wish my boyfriend would do a massage course

mickylicky wrote:

If your wife likes it, a full body Thai massage, then romantic dinner at home? I always wish my boyfriend would do a massage course

send him to China, they can massage things you never knew you had

Vibrating cock ring. Jobs a good un.

Is it just toys that she doesn't like or is she not overly interested in sex?

If it is that she's just not really into toys, then if you do want to buy her one - what about a remote control egg and then dinner out? she has the egg you have the remote and can play with her while you eat

If it's sex that she's not really into (for whatever reason) then i would suggest a good old fashioned romantic meal - flowers, wine, food, candles etc - something relaxing and intimate - you need to woo her into bed. I know that it may sound bad or lame but sometimes, especially with a child around, getting relaxed enough for some loving just doesn't happen.

Can you maybe spend the night at a hotel? Meal in the restaurant and then up to the room? That way, you are totally out of the home surroundings and you/she won't be distracted by the pile of washing to fold or the dishes to wash up (if you know what I mean) plus you could make it a bit more special by having champagne (even taken to the room in your bag so not to pay over the odds for it)

my 2penneth......

bearing in mind you mention 'she's not into toys' - but we don't know what that means: could be she hasn't really tried any/many, could mean she's tried a few that didn't inspire or that the thought doesn't turn her on!

taking a safe route i'd stear clear of novelties/cheaper toys - why put her off even more if that's the issue.

try a decent wand/massager ( i dont mean a 'normal vibe')

you could do teh going out for a meal but you could pull out all the stops at home and provide her own dinner party where you've gone to the trouble of preparing something delicious ( doesn't have to be complicated). Being at home means that you can create your own ambience, and means you can both work to your timetable.......

Text/send her a mail? give her an idea what's in store........dress for dinner as though going out, set the secene, music, lights etc......

treat her to a lovely massage, if she wouldnt run a mile then a blindfold would be perfect with some soft could introduce the massager' in its 'health' form and use it on her back before going to a lighter more erotic massage - that way she knows its there but not exactly what it perhaps she'll be less surprised when it finds its way later to her more intimate parts....

amongst which - after that 1st text/mail you could text her a few times before the night ' oh sooo looking forward...' 'you won't believe how i'm going to pamper you'.....

get her mind working way ahead of the night and i'm sure that you;ll have fun.

i'd stay away from lingerie etc.....could be perceived as something for you and it sets the wrong expectation ' he wants me to wear this because....'