Another fantasy fulfilled

My wife is a very accommodating lady and has enjoyed allowing me to fulfil pretty much all of my fantasies, (and vice versa).

As a result we have accumulated a large collection of erotic lingerie and fetish clothing along the way but our latest purchase is the one which really does it for me.

My wife knows that I have a total crush on Sigourney Weaver (she’s my celebrity free pass) and in particular the image of her in grey vest and pants at the end of ‘Alien’ (I’ve posted an image if it’s approved). Now this winter we have turned down the heating to save money so she started wearing a thermal vest in bed and it just happened to be grey. This alone resulted in a massive increase in the attention she received from me but a couple of weeks ago I managed to source the full set of matching grey vest and briefs and this has produced an exponential increase in my libido. Fortunately, as I said earlier, she’s a very accommodating lady and is also enjoying all the extra physical contact and resulting orgasms.

I’ll be sad when Summer comes around.


I love this! Your relationship is goals for me.
Its great to show people just starting to explore their kinks, that it isn’t always about spanking and bondage.
What first attracted me to my partner was a profile photo of him in white boxers. He no longer has those boxers but he bought some more and when he wears them, the temperature in the room goes up.


Sigourney Weaver in tiny pants at the end of ‘Alien’ is without doubt one of the sexiest scenes in movie history.


Fair goes - she is hot.

My fantasy fuck would be Bruce Willis

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My fantasy fuck would be Mila Kunis.

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Haha fantastic!! And just think how excited you’ll be for winter to come back around again! It’ll be a build up of great anticipation!

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