Another newbie yeah....HI :-D

Heya all. Never posted on a site like this before but my wife pursuaded me to sign up.... :-)

When i post on forums i tend to post lots so may end up doing just a little bit wierd (like actually wierd and not just pretending to be wierd on forums)......and a little bit of a pervert i guess that is maybe why my wife wanted me to sign up :-P

Im a bit of a metaler and gamer as well

anyway heya and feel free to chat :-D

Hello & welcome to the Orgasm Army!

We r a really friendly bunch (except 4 me!)

Here is the official welcome thread (and OA rules):


I think i already addicted and remember why i stoped posting on message boards now....i cant seem to stop myself :-S :-P

and mostly on the offtopic and games stuff which is not what my wife meant for me i think! :-S

Welcome! Good to have someone else a bit weird and nerdy =)

Hope you settle in nicely. We're a lovely bunch ;D


Hi and welcome to the forums. x

Good to see there are some metallers here as well :-D

Wife isnt really into metal as much but im dragging her to sonisphere and download this year! :-D

We are very skint as well but it hasnt stopped us this year we just end up owing lots of money....means i cant go to see sonata arctica this month though :-(

wow you can't stop youself can u ? :P

lots of talking already :P

Hello there!

See you around!

sorry hunny you were watching being human....

and posting on here seems to be more fun than stumbleing :-D

I saw system before they split up at reading festival and they were awesome....looking foward to seeing them headline

Hiya Theolain and Angelkez, welcome to the forums folks!

Metal me likes and my kids since they were little!


Hello and welcome. Have fun. X

hi and welcome to the forums!

violeteyes wrote:

well i got to see Stone Sour last halloween so that should last me a year. really gutted about missing out on System of a Down still maybe another time...

we saw system of a down a fair few years ago now, they were fab, well worth going to see if you get the chance x

Hi and welcome p