Any advice on exercises to get a curvier bottom?

I have a total pancake butt situation going on, and I think it's actually got worse.

I've noticed recently that when I'm in the bath, despite the boyancy that a full tub of water provides it's getting genuinely painful to sit upright in the bath. When I got out of the bath the other night I caught sight of my reflection sideways on. Following the line of the back of my thigh up there is literally no curve to my bottom at all. The straight line of my thigh just continues.

I don't want it big by any means, but I want a curve there. I've been doing some research and it seems a lot of exercises for glutes also build the thighs - something I don't want.

Does anyone know of some exercises to build just the glutes? I'd want to increase the muscle mass but still keep it soft. I don't want a firm bum so larger, spongey muscle is what I'd be aiming for.

(I should also mention that regardless of the lockdown, going to a gym's not an option - too costly and I don't think I have anything I could use as weights).

I hear good things about cake. 👍

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Squats, lunges and step machine 🙂

A lot of it is genetic I think, but as Mr Chimp said, put a bit of weight on and exercise to tone the muscles.

The trouble with aiming for weight gain is that there is no guarantee that the weight will go onto your bum area. I sympathise with you, I'm generously proportioned but I'd still like bigger squashier bum cheeks. Probably donkey kicks are your best bet as apparently they target the gluteal muscles without building up the thighs.Not sure yet if they result in a bigger spongier bum ....I've only just started with them myself. It would appear that the shape and size of your bum is indeed mostly genetic.

If only this dilemma could be solved with cake! 🍰


Anytime I put on weight (which isn't much as I'm built like a little Asian woman) it goes to my boobs (no complaints here!) and strangely, a spot just above my knee caps. Not ideal.

I've done more research which mentioned glute bridges - does anyone know how to do them correctly?

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I do have arthritis in my spine and both knees so I have to be careful of that.

@Scoob thanks for the advice, Sorry but I couldn't help notice some of those exercises do the thighs as well though - I don't want to work my thighs at all as I like them just as they are.

@Scoob how many sets of how many reps (and done at what speed) would you suggest for increasing the muscle mass without making it firm? my bottom may be tiny but it is soft and I'd like to keep it that way.

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One of my friends that cosplays, does BJJ, and has a booty that defies gravity/space time suggested everything that Scoob listed with the addition of a different exercise for working the sides of the butt as well: Hip abductor exercises. Since it's at home, I would suggest an exercise we did in the military called "the dirty dog".

Basically you are on all fours with your legs at 90 degree angles. Keeping your back flat, you lift your leg up to the side like a dog peeing until your leg is parallel with the ground, hold for a sec, then bring it back down while trying to keep your leg at the 90 degree. It feels like a weird exercise, but works very well.

I can see how that would work.

Thank you for the recommendations. I'll research those exercises.

lots of Squats with fair weights :) worked for me very well :)

There are quite a few exercises you can do, use that Wizzardry internet searching thing it will show you samples of exercises.

It is possible, you will have to be disciplined though.

Forum mods - please close this thread. I've changed my mind about the whole thing, I'd rather be happy as I am than increase my chances of receiving unwanted attention.

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