Any ideas for unique romantic breaks away???! 😉😍

Hey All :)

Myself and my OH are looking into going away in May for 4 maybe 5 days CHILD FREE 😁 and we are looking for ideas on where to go... It's gonna be our version of a honeymoon if all goes according to plan and currently we are looking into going to Norway and staying in the tree houses...

Anyone been somewhere memorable that might suit us :)

I'm in Ireland so we want somewhere that requires minimal travelling time if possible... Can be anywhere, Ireland UK etc
Just want it somewhere special...
Any thoughts or ideas would be very appreciated xx

How about a dungeon

Sum Sub wrote:

How about a dungeon

U no me too well 😉

Cotswolds or even Yorkshire Dales. A lot of places around there with cottages mostly secluded. Some also have outdoor hot tubs etc

Try hotel de vie

Thanks guys will have a snoop... :) Sunshine, u need to get yet asses on hols x

Two serious suggestions (not like me)...

Channel Islands

Any of the Landmark Trust locations (Google it)

We're going to Bruges just before Christmas, can't wait, it's such a romantic place

Arran. Go to Arran. It's beautiful. We go there for our anniversary.

Try Cyprus. Island of love. See what the randy Aphrodite got up to. Warm and welcoming. Plus they drive on the same side of the road as us. Plenty to do around Paphos.

I'd love to go to Cyprus, but not for 4/5 days.. Ud need a week at least.. I can't go longer as someone is minding my children and wouldn't expect them to take them longer.. Thank u though..

Thanks everyone for yer suggestions... Currently having a snoop x