Any ideas how to convince my girlfriend to try it?

I have been trying for months to try and get my girlfriend to even consider trying anal sex but everytime she seems to begin to come round to the idea she changes her mind. Any tips anyone?

i you do a search there are pleant of threads on starting anal sex

however if your girl does not want to try it then there is nothing you can do to make her, and you should not force her either

Yeah, I agree with what SL said, plenty of other thread on it, plus, if she doesnt want to do it, she wont, so forcing her to do it wont work anyways

i 3rd all of the above!


Don't force her and don't keep bringing it up. If she says no, leave it for a while and try again another time.

At first I was really put off anal sex, eventually I decided to try it and it hurt so badly I was put off it for a year! But eventually my boyfriend and I decided that we were both curious and we bought some anal beads and did the thing properly. I really like it now!

You've got to make her feel curious about it. She might see anal as a bit of a slaggy, dirty thing to do. Tell her you will do it gradually. Try a finger first and see how she feels about it. Hope this helps!

Yup. In asking her often, you might find it actually has the opposite effect. You might actually be better off forgetting about it. She knows you're interested in it. She might come around to the idea on her own later on and will then know you're up for it. As a girl, I speak from experience!

As dotdashdot has suggest small steps are a good idea. Beads, a finger etc... then she might let you one day!

Oh, one rather important point - are we talking about you giving her anal, or her giving it to you with a strap on?

Another idea... I love shopping and I found looking on the lovehoney website for toys I wanted was the most exciting part! Get her to look on lovehoney, watch the sex toy demonstrations and read the reviews.

Just an idea to maybe get her into it...

Yup like the others say, some things are just not for some people. Although many women love anal sex, unlike men, women do not have the prostate which is the main source of pleasure for men, so it just don't feel the same for women. It can still feel amazing but if she's not into it, she's not into it. Do something else you both enjoy.