Any losing else strenght of their ejaculations when wanking?

Should have read " anyone else losing the strength of their ejaculations when wanking" Hi all, I'm a prolific wanker and I'm now wondering if I'm doing it too much, as well as an active sex life I wank 3 or 4 times a week, when I have sex with my OH, or when she gives me a BJ or wank I have strong orgasms and powerful ejaculations, It not unknown for my OH to gag when I hit the back of throat during deep throat but lately It just doesn't happen when wanking, I can orgasm with no cum and then it will dribble out or I can cum and it just happens with no orgasm. My orgasms used to be that strong when wanking I literally used to be able to shoot in to my mouth and face but there's no chance of that anymore, I'm lucky if it dribbles on to my belly. My confusion is why when I'm with my OH everything seems to work properly but when doing solo it ends as a damp squib!! Anyone else experienced this or is it just me? Any tips?

are you on any prostrate meds im on flomax my Dr says it normal to shoot or lose volume but an old guy so might be different but the orgasam still feels great as long as i cum im good

I find that the shorter the masturbation time, the weaker the spurt! Maybe try edging yourself to see whether that makes a difference. Delayed orgasms do it for me. Also, try tensing your pelvic floor muscle just as you're shooting. That usually makes it better too.

When i'm about to cum I hold it as long as I can before letting go. It makes the ejaculation stronger but also the actual orgasm sensation is much more enhanced

I definitely have lost my super squirting ability . For me it is not uncommon to more of an outflow of cum while wanking off . It depends on my level of excitement . With an anal toy in and or my wife involved I can get a nice cum shot across my stomach and even to my chest on occasion . In my mind I think that ejaculating at least 2 or 3 times a week keeps my testosterone levels up . Many friends my age are taking testosterone prescriptions . Not me , still a horny sexual adventurer !

As stated above, you could definitely try edging for some time. If you still don't have a powerful ejaculation after edging for 40 mins, you'll at least know that things have definitely changed.

Could it also relate to other factors, like changes in diet, hydration levels, exercise, sleep pattern, etc. All of that can effect ejaculation.

I’m also not quite as ‘powerful ‘ anymore. Used to shoot 5 or 6 feet, not quite the same now, still have to be careful though!

Really depends. Sometimes if on my back I can hit my chest with the first release (especially if its been a while and there has been quite a build up), but normally only as high as my belly button with the bulk of the fluid just oozing out rather than shooting out.

Has always been like that though. Only thing that has changes since my teens (mid-late 40s now) is the period between needing relief. Used to be a daily (or more) thing, now can be 1-7 days in between (although if its only 1 day inbetween, I struggle to do this more than 3 days in a row)