Any men dress up in womens clothes for sex?

Recently found someone selling on Facebook market place, a pair of new in box size 8 thigh high black leather heeled boots with side zip, bargain at £8, my wife insisted we pick them up that night and the following night had me dress up in black pencil skirt, white blouse, white bra, stocking and suspenders and the thigh high boots, this got me feeling so horny and we had a great evening. She seems to get really horny also when she has dressed me up. I don't do wigs or and make up etc it is clothes only but what a feeling. For me it all started several years ago, my wife has a sexy black dress that zipped up at the front, and she was wearing it for one of our sessions when all of a sudden she said I should wear it, well I immediately felt turned on and it all started from there, now own about 20 different dressy up items from skirts to dresses and womens tops. Do any other couples have fun with the hubby or boyfriend being the one that dresses up in female clothing?.

Nice. It took me a while to accept a man (my hubby) who was caught in a woman’s clothing 10years ago. I didn’t know it can be so interesting and the rest is history. Sometimes there are fantasies I won’t dare to act on it like, swinging, lesbianism, mff and bbc. So I discovered that if Hub is turned into a woman for the couple of hours our sex took a different direction and true, it’s fulfilling. He loves to be turned into a “woman” within the 4walls and it compliments my dominance why not. I get him to do all sorts of “degrading actions” and we both lives it. Our fantasies became a “reality” when he’s a woman.

I would love to try dressing up in women's clothing but am not sure how to approach it with my wife

My hub started to X-dressing after a “Dress Swapping” competition held in his office D&D function. In it his secretary dressed up him with her bra (not sure about her panties) and swapped clothings. In my case, it all started with some photo images taken during D&D left on my dressing table deliberately for me to see. If I was put off then it was just a D&D function but it worked sometimes later. I couldn’t denied and resist his especially hard dick under those woman’s clothings.

I like the idea. I’m a bit Dom occasionally and this would definitely enhance the experience. Will have to see if my husband would play along.

@Love Stud Too, If you don’t try you never know. Good luck.

Should also mention that anyone thinking of trying this with their partner, don't rush out and but the first thing you see, far better to pick nice things up over several months, I have got some really nice items over the last few years that either I have spotted or my wife, for example we picked up a really nice sexy pair of gloss black high heeled shoes in the m&s sale for less than £3 and also a pair of Mary Jane's, satin suspender belts less than £3 each. Zip back Peter pan tartan collard dress for £10, black zip back shift dress from Matalan also £10. Few different skirts from primark like tartan or leather mini skirts. The alice costume from love honey, basically lots of different outfits for role playing. For me the Feminine the clothing the more of a turn on, My favourite dress up outfit has to be black m&s satin bra and suspender belt, opaque stockings from asda George, black high leg m&s knickers, black zip rear fastening pencil skirt, pink satin f&f top, pair of black high heels, when dressed in this outfit we role play that we work in an office together me being her employee, it's hard to say in are role play if I am playing the part of a woman but my wife will call me the office sl*t and will say things like I need to learn to suck cock, never would I want to suck a cock in real life but why in role play it is a massive turn on, she also purchased me a dildo gag which has a 4 inch penis for me to suck on and it came with a small padlock, I am sure the dildo gag is from this sites sister company if anyone is interested. When she is telling me to suck that cock why we are having sex it feels amazing. As I say it is just fun in the bedroom only and I definitely class myself as straight, just in the moment I guess I do imagine i am the office sl*t. Hope I have not gone to far in sharing this on here.

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