Any Recomendations?

Hi Everyone :)

Im new to the world of sex toys, so be gentle lol!

I brought my first 'toy' at the beginning of the week which was the Glitter Smoothie 10 Function Waterproof Vibrating Massager, its ok but now I have just ordered the on the go thing for 99p, the reviews seem good so i thought why not!!

Anyone got any recomendaions for a newbie? :)

Recommendations for what?

haha that would help, sorry! Vibrators and clitoral toys :)

No idea if ive wrote this in the right place?

This is my favourite clitoral vibrator ever:

What kind of vibrators were you thinking of?

That looks like good fun, I will remember that one for payday! I have no idea what im looking for to be honest, apart from a cock ring with an ex partner this is the first time Ive used toys! Addicted already!

If you like penetratey toys, I can recommend this one, especially if you've never tried glass:

The wife's fave at the moment is this one....

And for that price - its a must!!

i like this 1 the most for a starter toy or or :)

Hi secret stash. The tracey cox bullet vibe is very good, the OH loves it and I love using it on her!

SG69 x

the tracey cox bullet is one of the best toys ever, i never really used to like small vibes/ bullet vibes but that one changed my mind and is now one of my firm faves and its brilliant to use while having sex :) along woth the lovehoney ladyfinger vibe thats another fave of mine :)


Thanks everyone I think the tracey cox bullet is the next on my list :)

Advice if you're new to buying sex toys: Pay attention to what kind of batteries each toy uses before you buy it. Obviously AA and AAA are easy and relatively cheap to get hold of, but some of the other more obscure types, although LH sells them, can work out quite expensive if you're going to be using your toys on a regular basis.

Alot of us use rechargeable batteries, they're definitely worth the investment!

Thanks for the tip Ecksvie :)