Any recommendations for plus size?

Just been looking on LH at some vibrating panties or a bullet that can be remotely controlled as for some fun outside the bedroom but havent been able to find a pair or bullet that hits the right spot, I don't know if it where I am a plus size / curvy lady that it just don't sit right on my body. 😊

Any help will be greatly appreciated 👍👍

just need knickers not a thong or G string for this. It contours yiur vainga and a tiny bit goes in to keep the toy stable, like a fin on a surfboard. Other end sits on your clit and makes your legs wobble.

Another alternative is an egg and the miu miu kegel ball love eggs are great, quiet and remote controlled. Obviously not a clit stimulator though.....

A similar one to Mr Pheebs suggestion is

you can swap the knickers to any you find more comfortable as the toy itself can be used in any pair as it's designed to fit more snugly to you rather than a little pocket in the knickers themselves.

Thank you both for the advice 😁 I will look into them x