Any toys like the womanizer, but for men?

Hi! So my girlfriend has been an avid user of the womanizer since I got it for her a few months ago. I've also used it on the head of my penis and while it is pleasurable, it is not enough for an orgasm. I'm basically wondering if anyone has developed a similar sex toy for men or if anyone knows of one coming in the future at all because I, and I'm sure many other men, would love it.

As it stands, men's toys kind of suck besides the prostate-geared toys. At least for me this is true. And yes, I've tried strokers, vibrators, etc. They get the job done, but the hands are still the best.

Have you tried any strokers from the Tenga range? These two: both have suction properties which may suit you if you like the suction sensations offered by the Womanizer.

Tenga offer sell a vacuum attachment too:

Thanks for the replies! I will try them out, but in addition to the suction is there really no way to create the air pressure waves that the womanizer creates but on a grander scale?

It's not exactly the same, but am intrigued by the reviews on this:

Hmm it is a tricky one. The Robosuck as Dani said is quite a good one to consider and it really does pack a punch.

I believe you would be able to use the Womanizer on the head of the penis however, I am not sure if it would give enough stimulation to reach an orgasm as such.

Other than that a good alternative maybe would be the Tenga Vaccum, if you didn't want to try the Robosuk-

With how popular the Womanizer has been I am sure they are looking to do something similar for men, lets hope they figure it out soon!

Man so many products to try! I'll think about which one I want. I'm sure they're all better than the two sleeves I've tried in the past.

As for the Womanizer, I've used it on the head of my penis, but yeah, there isn't enough there to orgasm unless I'm already far along. If no one figures it out soon, I may try building one myself lol.