Any websites that you can chat to other couples ?

Anyone know any sites where couples can chat to other couples about sex and stuff?

Welcome to the Lovehoney Forum, where couples can chat with other couples about sex and stuff lol.

Seriously though, fetlife is probably the most wide ranging and accommodating outside of the main dating sites/apps. There is also collarspace but it's quite rigidly bdsm related.

Are there sites where you can upload pics anonymously?

Fetlife is good, i find its hard to get talking to people tho unless you go to meets but that might just be me x

Can people comment on your pics and are there any rules to pictures you upload?


I think we need to set up our own site :-D Any IT wizards among you????

Definitely 😃

Was to Gina g. Any ideas ?

Giving out contact details is not allowed on this forum. I politely ask all of you to read the rules which you can find in the sticky-threads on the top of the forum page. There are other sites for hooking up or finding other couples.

Kevkris, you're not allowed to post pictures featuring nipples so I suggest that you remove the avi or else it will be removed by a moderator.

O sorry how do I remove it

Kevkris wrote:

O sorry how do I remove it

Hi - just go to 'edit your profile' and remove/change avi - simples xx

I can not seem to do it ![](upload://f8zGclFeQx35HwZLqJ7J1rFzQ0n.gif)

Try this

'Your account' at top of page

'Edit your profile' in purple writing

'Tick box' that says remove this image under your avi picture

This should do it xxx

Sorry - don't forget to 'save changes' in green box at bottom of the page.

Hope that helps xx

Fabswingers, just make sure you set your filters so that men can't contact you. There are forums and chatrooms.

As others have said, we use Fabswingers but just set the filters otherwise you get hundereds of requests from single guys.

Good tip Purring-Pussy and Badger73 👍😊 x

Need to get back to fabswingers.....we love sharing