Anyone ever been to a nudist beach?

We are thinking of going to one on our honeymoon and curious as to what to expect!
I get erections really easily so will this be frowned upon?

My first experience was in Adelaide in Australia. We arrived to a sea of bums as a large crowd were watching a beach sports contest. It was wonderfully liberating, although a bit odd to be sat naked with some relative strangers. Difficult not to sneak the odd glance and I had to sunbathe on my front a few times whilst my inevitable erection calmed down! The best was swimming naked - again an opportunity to conceal any swelling, but a great feeling. The social etiquette was odd though as we joined the other couple for the inevitable BBQ back in their garden - completely hidden from view from neighbours but we all had our clothes on!!
I have been to a few nudist beaches since and would absolutely recommend it - just remember to put plenty of suncream on those bits that dont normally see the sun!

hi there, my hubby and i started going to a nudist beach in kent about 4 years ago. we felt the same as you are now before we went. the one we went to the people were freindly, some kept themselves to themselves,people of all ages, shapes and sizes go. my hubby is the same as you as he gets erections easily but it has never happened on the beach. we found it more to be a relaxing place rather than a sexually charged place. people tend to associate nudist places with sex but that is not he case as sex is a no no on a nudist beach, so you should be fine, have a good time if you go, just relax and go with the flow. good luck. we find it totally liberating and there is nothing better than swimming in the sea naked.

Most people I've seen on nudist beaches are guaranteed to produce the opposite of an erection! Well, English nudist beaches anyway. Abroad it's different, except for Germany I find (lots of fat, hairy sunbathers) In Brazil you'd have big trouble staying limp!

I'd so love to try a nudist beach. Always wnated to swim naked. Let us know how you get on.

Oh my word I couldn't think of anything worse! In real life I am absolutely shy (except when I'm with my partner). I must admit, envy anyone who has the courage to do this!

hi, i used to be like you, it took my hubby 3 years of nagging before i even gave in, even then i said i wouldn't be doing it again if i didn't like it, but now there is no stopping me. we have even thought about spending a weekend at a nudist camp, but haven't had the opportunity of doing so yet. if n e 1 has ever been to one please can you let us know what it is like and how much of a difference the atmosphere is to a nudist beach.

Eek, early onset of Parkinsons!!!! Mrs T and l did try one in Lanzarote, but horror of horrors not everyone was starkers when we got there. We had, at the end of two weeks on the island- thought we were pretty brown, but our eyes were opened. Felt too sheepish to strip, bit of a come down never got as far as a stiffie !!!! Papagayo was the name of the place, anyone else been there???

We just come back from papagayo Lanzarote and had a great time.

The nudist beach in Lanzarote Playa blanca is full of kids so I would not strip off there! However me and my life partner just spent a week at the Iberostar Papagayo in Playa Blanca. This hotel is very nice as has an unadvertised nudist solarium on its roof (floor 6). We found by our 3rd day there that we were brave enough to try this out having NEVER done it before. It was a little embarrassing but fairly quiet up there and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The area has no pool but a nice shower when it gets too hot! There is small walled area on one corner which is great if you feel shy or horny as its only room for 2! we plan to go back as I just love my deep dark tan with no white bits! Just make sure you use a high factor lotion up there as the sun is even more intense.
There are other hotels in Playa Blanca which have a similar thing but have more english people as our hotel was predominately German.

Well thank you couple37/40 will bare that in mind next time we are there. Did go to the small stone circle beach at Arrecife, at the end of the airport runway but not very nice !!!Point taken re slip slap splosh on the previously unseen bits ha ha