Anyone taken their partner to a lapdancing club?

I' thinking of treating my boyfriend to a night out at a lapdancing club (I'll go with him) and I windered if you guys have had any experiences. I'd love to have a private lapdance but I'm not sure if it's policy for clubs to have a girl dancing for a girl? Advice anyone?

The one I went to there was more girl on girl dancing that girl on guy!

Most of them cater to both (unless you go to the really exclusive gentlemens clubs). So you should have no problem.

Havn't been as part of a couple (don't think I'd enjoy watching it personally) but the couple who was with my group had a blast.

So how did you find it when you went? I love the thought of going but I'm wondering how I'd feel actually being there, not sure if I could relax enough to be comfortable enough to enjoy it. It might be easier to go with a few of my girlfriends first so we can kind of have a laugh about it.

Thanks for your advice Crayola!

Personally I didn't enjoy the dance (glad I didn't pay for it!), because as gorgeous as the female body is, I don't feel comfortable with it writhing round on my knee or stuck into my face. But other girls I was with had no problem (although all of them were at least bicurious, so that explains that lol). The actual club was amusing, and a really good atmosphere for a drink.

Maybe try it with the girls, and if you enjoy it take your boyf?

The only thing I'll add is make sure you go to the right "class" of club to suit your needs!

Skanky can be good, if that's what you're looking for, but do you really want some overly make-up'd, crispy~hair~sprayed 'do~sporting gal writhing over your bf?

But then again, do you want some raven~haired stunner writhing over him, either?

Just make sure both you and you bf are going there with the same agenda (I'm assuming, to have a giggle and get a bit hot under the collar before retiring home for some more "personal" action)!

Well I'm a bit curious myself and I think I'd be put off by those nasty skanky types, but I'd love a dark haired beauty dancing for me - I don't think I'd mind my boyfriend enjoying himself but I guess I don't know until I try!

A lot of clubs have a few girls working there who like to dance for girls- some of them prefer it. I've learned a lot about how to lap dance for parters from getting lap dances myself!

If you enjoy women, then go for it! It can be a lot of fun- I love the sense of restraint present- "don't touch the girls" as they writhe over me... yum. Especially when you get a girl who likes to whisper naughty things in your ear... mmm...

I would say it's worth discussing with your partner why you both want to go and maybe establish some ground rules. It's no fun to go out for a sexy dance and come home with both people feeling jealous and grumpy. Generally establishing some "couple" time after helps to emphasize you as a couple.

I've never had an experience with another woman although I'd love to - just the thought of it gets me all hot! I think I'd use this lapdancing thing as a kind of experiment.

you should just go for it tatiebee - its definitely worth it! :)

if you take your partner to a lapdancing club and you've not been before then it is an experiment-but an enjoyable one, even if you dont like the girl thats dancing for you, you can at least enjoy the look on your OH's face as she does it

I took a girl to a pub in east london called "jack the ripper" cockney slang stripper ! we both had a good night out was fun

i think it could be a bit of a marmite situation

you'll either love it or hate it

mmmmmnnnnnnnnn dohnuts !! duff beer !! Naked girls ?


I think I would like to go to one, maybe even get a dance for myself? I've always been a bit curious I have to say

I also went out with a girl that worked for spearmint rhino

go for it pb, ill do one for you lol

Woohoo thanks sexymel!! I think I would truely enjoy it and find it quite arousing. Maybe one day

you know where i am!