Anyone tried a Fleshlight Quickshot?

Hi all. Thinking about buying a Fleshlight qickshot as they look easier to dry off after use than a regular Fleshlight. Just had a couple of questions. As there are two versions of it, the first would be which one is best: The Vantage or the Boost, or is it a matter of personal preference?

Second question is insertable length. I already own a regular Fleshlight and one of the things I like about it in comparison to a hand, is the "Full coverage" shall we say. Notice that Fleshlight have recently brought out a Quick Connect thing to join two of them together. Just wondered if anyone has tried one of these and whether you thought it was worth it. As a related question, is LoveHoney considering stocking these at any point in the future as the only place I have seen them advertised so far is on the Fleshlight website. Have bought from them previously, but the delivery was more tricky as it comes from overseas and you cannot arrange click and collect (difficult as I am not always in and not really comfortable having something like that delivered to a neighbour).