Anyone with piercings 'down there'?

My wife has talked about wanting to get her clit hood hood pierced with a VCH piercing for a while now and has said she wants to go and get it done. I’m all for it if she wants it done and am sure it will look great. Anyone with piercings down there with good or bad experiences?


Hell no there only one space for a prick in my Boxers ! Each to their own just not for me

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I found it a very easy piercing to get, it nipped for a second when the needle went through apart from that it was painless and it heals relatively quickly. I say go for it, I wanted it for years and finally got it im so glad I did.

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I don’t have a piecing, since my clit is huge and I’m really sensitive. Don’t need to cum any time I try to walk…

However, my female partners all have VCH piercings. My GF is fairly sensitive, but when she married our husband she got the VCH and she said it made PIV sex go from good to great.

There’s different shapes and sizes of VCH you can get. GF started a thing where she updated her VCH jewelry each time she had a baby. She’d get a new little diamond added on. She likes a little bit of dangle and sparkle.

My sister got her piercings as a matching set…she’s got nipples, belly button, hips, outer labia, and VCH. At one point, she had a way of using her VCH and labia piercings to hold on a metal clit cover. She had the idea of wearing that instead of a micro bikini. It looked cute, but it ended up being uncomfortable.

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I had a Prince Albert when I was 21 on holiday in Spain and I regretted it as soon as I sobered up as it was awkward as hell - although not painful

I removed it and it’s fully healed up now with just a small scar

If you do it - take care and be sober

With like any piercing there’s always a slight chance of getting infection and I think with things down there it might be a bit more risky for some, so always good to check up on that before going ahead

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I’ve been thinking about getting my nipples pierced but never thought about my clit pierced.


My ex had hers, was good fun. My current partner has her.

Both say they enjoy it, both claim lots of benefits from it.

As a partner, it gives easy target for a “go to” place when licking or rubbing during foreplay etc.

Cant see and issue with it to be honest

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How long can you not play for? Because it needs to heal?

I’ve wanted to have my clitoral hood pearced for sometime. I state the hood as a number of posts state pearcing their clit which is a complete NO NO!
I would like a centre gold ring but have been concerned in finding a reliable shop who could do it hygienically. I’ve spoken to my girlfriends and non of them have had it done in fact they mostly reacted with horror when I said I fancies having one.

I was with a girl last week with one - didn’t really do anything for me - first time of doing oral with one - it was fun to play with I guess… looked good though x

Around 1 to 2 weeks