Applying lube without the mess

Hi guys I’ve got a question about applying lube. When your in the moment and you need to apply lube to whatever it is your using what’s the best way to apply it without then having to go wash you hands off afterwards. It a sort of kills the moment having to wipe or wash your hands off, any suggestions?

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KinkyMira's suggestion is good, especially for anal.

However, you often need to lube up the toy (or penis). I haven't figured out a way to do that without using my hands. I might tell my partner to do that so I don't have to deal with it.

Having a small towel or paper towels (not toilet paper) on the nightstand is quite practical. We throw the used papers on the floor and pick them up later.

We use pumping the lube directly onto the toy and then just use one finger to spread it around. Very little mess.

We use lube with a top which flips open and clips closed, or has a pump, so that we are not scrabbling around for loose tops with an open bottle in our hands. Other than that, we apply with hands and just keep tissues or wipes to nearby - or just the sheet as our lube is clear in colour and sheets are easily washed. Embrace the mess! Messy sex is fun :-)

Hold it to wwarm it up and then squirt it direct on to her pussy.

Lube that’s similar to liquid hand soap consistency can go into an automatic soap dispenser for lubing toys ;D

A good lube shouldn't have that sticky/icky feel to it on the hands but I always keep some wet wipes on the side in case I need to clean anything off.

I always apply a tiny bit at a time. I use durex and a little goes a long way. So by applying small amounts every time you get to apply how much or little you need x

A towel. Easy! As someone else said, don't stress the mess.