Are you a dribbler or a shooter when you cum

When i wank my cum just dribbles out of my penis, plenty comes out but just drippes out, noticed on some porn movies that when some men cum it shoots out of their penis a small distane of around 20 inches or more, interested to know am i alone on here in being a dribbler and can most other men shoot their cum 20 inches or more?

In my experience it varies from man to man and even with the same man day to day! Porn is a fantasyland where no one ever farts, ends up in a wet patch, gets cramp just at the wrong moment nor has to pause to get more lube/batteries or scratch an itch! Yes some men cum more, some quicker some slower for longer but each an everyone enjoys their orgasums. Just recently, for the first time too, my man managed to cum so hard onto the back of my throat we could both hear the cum hitting it, think of the sound a large water pistol/super soaker makes. It was not planned just happened. Likewise usually i can swallow in one but on occcations i have to do it in two as there is so much. Each different experience is just that different- not better not worse but just different to another. Don't worry about the speed, volume or distance of your cum. All is within the wide spectrum of cumming when considering the pleasure of sex xx

Agree, it is usually a mixture. Personally, the strong shooting usually occurs when either it has been a while, I've drank plenty of water but also when I tense/hold for 5-10 seconds when I really have the urge to cum. The distance achieved has led to some surprises for us both so our experience is it doesn't just happen in porn films but equally don't expect a jet of cum every time!

Absolutely agree.... There is much variation even with an individual. Sometimes as noted, drinking lots, working up and making sure I tense at the right moment can make me shoot - HARD..... But other times, it's a thick, wet dribble and globules of it. So fret not and just enjoy blowing your load, however it "cums"......

I dribble now and not much voulme like i did when younge. back in the days i could shhot way up on my belly 1 time my face. but age is a factor for me now plus the meds for BPH enlarged prostrate. i have found that if i play with my prostrate i cum a little more when i wank as you all call it its jacking to me but thats old school.anybody ever hear the word jizz we said that about cum guess that shows how old i am

It varies massively for me.

Personally, I get some satisfaction from producing powerful ejaculate. So here are some things I found helped:

- zinc orotate supplement

- spoonful of macca powder per day

- drink plenty of water, and try to limit alcohol/caffeine

- practice "edging" for as long as possible, before finally cumming

These things should increase the amount of semen, and the power behind it.

Of course, the "easiest" thing is to leave longer gaps between each ejaculation. But I like to cum two or three times a day, so this technique is far from easy for me...

It varies with hubby. Sometimes its 2 shoots and dribbles other times it's long dribbles . If the 2nd time it's always dribbles and funnier. Is this any help xx

Depends on how long since I last came, also how long the build up has been. If the OH has been teasing for a while then the first couple of spurts are usually strong enough to reach her face if I have just withdrawn the rest tends to dribble on to her pussy.