Are you a Looner ?

Hello all. 

We have had many a discussion on fetishes and what turns you on.

However one topic I have yet to see fully discussed is the balloon fetish.

We at Lovehoney are looking for a 'looner' that can talk to us about this fetish...

Are you a popper, semi - popper OR non- popper? 

Is this your kink, if so let us know & let's talk ballonfetishism.


Hi have seen this documentary a few years back and I did not know that this exist but for some this fantasy which is turn on. For it does not do anything. If this turn you on then you can integrate  this with your partner.  

Would you like me to share this thread on social media at all? It's one I haven't experienced with subs yet, but have seen clips and pictures etc.

I despise balloons, but just wanted to express my appreciation for the Dirty Martini gif. She's my hero!

Yeah I was going to say like Lady Ness it's not for me but I can share this on my FL and see if anyones into this sorta stuff :)

Never even heard of it ! You learn something every day. (I'm actually terrified of balloons) lol x

Thanks guys and thansk for the offer. ![heart|20x20](upload://4WyQT1gwKaQJNwhYxrKZ1rOPglF.gif "heart")

We do have someone to discuss this kink with now.  I will keep this open thoughas you never know someone may wish to discuss this topic further. 

I have also seen this in a documentry done for C4 as recent as last year . I can see some of the rationale as balloons have a certain feel and that latexy smell they give off.