Art galleries

new older bloke here!

is it only me… or do people get turned on visiting art galleries?

I’d love to know…


Which art gallery do you go to @j712adrian? I only ask because my local one has a lot of religious and historical stuff.

I must say, art galleries are not my thing and certainly do not turn me on. May be a motor museum might.

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Not really, but on nude paintings, you have to admire the bush work, apologies I mean brush work. :wink::wink:

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What galleries are you visiting :thinking::joy:
Not really a turn on for me, but each to their own I guess.

Only as far as anything that you enjoy might put you in a more relaxed and amenable mood, turned on would be an exaggeration

Helloooo, and noooooo


Hi there and no I don’t it’s not a place where I’d think of a place where I’d get turned on. ??

I love looking at real art and can spend hours looking at historical works of art - my favourite is oil on canvas - it’s very calming but not sexual for me

Same as @batjamboree for us, nice and calming. But Mrs S recommends The Swing by Fragonard - Google it. A bit saucy once you know that women didn’t wear knickers in the 18th Century.

That does look naughty.

I must have actually seen this on a first date some years ago but it made no impression on me as I don’t remember it at all

If ‘saucy’ art is your thing, don’t forget what my OH calls ‘the dirty Greek pots’ at the British Museum - huge phalluses everywhere !

Welcome to the forum! Don’t think that’s ever happened to me before but do tell what is it about an art gallery that turns you on?

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Oooh no! Is probably fall asleep whilst walking :joy:

Thank you for your comments and your welcome, I know it’s unusual. I have been ‘picked up’ a couple of times in my life in art galleries so I think it’s the memory of that too. As someone said, it’s part of the relaxation of them - and for some reason I feel most erotic around abstract art. Which galleries do I go to?.. well, quite a few… wouldn’t you love to know! Often, I have to do something about it in alone time when I arrive home :slight_smile:

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As an artist, no. Art is one of the few things that keeps my mind off sex for a little while :smirk:


When I did my Art ‘O’ level we had nude models in every so often and I have to say as a 15yr old I can not remember finding anything arousing about the experience. I can’t even remember any school yard talk about it. One week you would be drawing fruit the next ‘fruit’ that breathed.

I do remember the ‘History of Art’ lessons, in retrospect where various of the classical paintings that show rape and erotic poses being described more in terms of technique rather than what the person who commissioned the painting got his (and it always seemed to be male) rocks off looking at.

There was an episode of Morse years ago where the murdered person had a large collection of ‘erotic’ paintings that the wife found disgusting.

There have been a number of surveys over the past few years that a significant majority of naked bodies on display in galleries depict females and there should be more males on display.

Pre-Covid there used to be naked tours of some galleries (after the general pubic had left) on certain days.

Pun intended?! @Private_member :rofl:

Actually not, but it worked well :slight_smile: