Artificial vagina / pocket pussies for the larger guy.

Advice on this please - perhaps one of the LH customer service staff can point me in the right direction?

My wife recently consented to me getting one of the Doc Johnson UR3 pocket pussies to cure my curiosity as to the experience of using one. Trying it out certainly didn't rock my world and was a big disappointment - after reading so many positive reviews of similar products.

The problem was the size. The one I purchased had a 5.5 inch internal channel with a 0.5 inch diameter. For me, this was too short lengthwise, and far too tight even using copious amounts of water based lube. Far from sliding into the soft folds of the product for a mindblowing orgasmic experience, it was more a battle to "pull" it on (at one point I was thinking that I might need to use a shoehorn to help gain access). Having said this, I'd be willing to reserve judgement and give the experience a second try.

So, are there any similar realistic vagina / pocket pussy type products available that have an internal channel of 7 or 8 inches in length and a diameter of at least 1.0 inch (I think a bit bigger would be better)? I reckon I'm in the region of 6-7 inches in length, and a bit under 2 in diamenter, when erect - I've never thought of this as being particularly well endowed, and have never really considered size for any reason before. Perhaps the good Lord was better to me when handing out the willies than I'd previously thought?

Oh, and as to the cost - something under £80 I think. My wife and I giggled when we saw the video of the 20lb immitation big buttocks and genetalia, and how they wobbled when spanked. But at £300+, something of this price is not really up for consideration. As my wife said, "if you've got the odd three hundred quid going spare we'll have a week in the Algarve thanks".


Try one of the Fleshlights. I find the forbidden to be my favourite (pick your pornstar too!).

Thanks. I've checked out the specs on the Fleshlight range, and although the length of the tunnel runs to the length of the casing on all of the range, around 9", the widest canal is the original insert which is just 3/4" wide.

Have also checked out the specs of all of the products from Doc J and California Exotics ranges, and none of them have anything with a length and width combination that I think will accommodate me.

Look's like I'm stuck with having to go without then - unless I go with the big wobbly bottom at £300+. I'd better start drafting a letter to Santa, although I think my wife might have a few words to add to the bottom.

A fleshlight would probably be fine. The material that fleshlights are made from is incredibly soft and strecthy. People have been able to fit their fists inside them.