Back trouble/ sexy basque

Okay so as my OH currently has a dodgy back, I would like to ask all you lovely people, is their a sexy basque that is not too frilly but gives good lower back support.

This comes to mind

Basques have soft plastic bones so I don't think they'll give good support


I have a bad back and have had a lot of physio, I've even asked regarding corsets and basques before. And as said before basques don't really offer much support at all.

If I'm honest the answers are that they are safe but you shouldn't rely on them for back support. Also certain back conditions can be aggravated by corsets apparently, and it's really a good idea to get one that fits correctly. I know it may seem like an odd question, but maybe if your OH is ok with it she could ask her GP or physio for advice regarding back supports and supportive clothing. With basques or corsets you could always say that that she has to wear one at a wedding and wants to be sure it'll be ok.

I've found that many people with lower back pain seem to like high waist pants, so maybe she could give pin-up style knickers a go?

Ok so here is my 2p worth. A Dr can prescribe a specific back support for your OH but this is only for serious cases. Most back problems are best served with rest initially, then physio and strengthening excersizes.

I say this as I have had a broken L3 and I'm great now, but do daily strengthening excersizes. Your concern is honourable but sadly a sexy corset is not going to help. Sorry if this is no what you wanted to hear but I'm being as honest and helpful as I can.

Many thanks ladies. Louise your response made both myself and my OH half chuckle as to be honest the back problem is formost on our minds lol.

The physio is getting more forceful in manipulation and OH is feeling it.

I wondered if a back support would help but will discount this for the time being. Thanks again

Corsets are highly situational, I find.
I love mine and at times depend on it, to prop my back up and take the weight off.
However. My corset fits well and is well made.

You need to be willing to chuck the money at something decent and well suited if you wanna go down that route.
Something cheap won't help, and may even aggravate any issues.

So it's not a bad idea, but in a lot of cases, it's not a good one either.

If she's already recieving physio, ask about back support, and try those stick on ibuprofen heat patch thingies. They're pretty great :)

I would ask the physio personally. I have back and hip pain due to a dislocation during my first pregnancy, the second strained it even more. I use a massive tubagrip round my middle to ease the pressure as and when required. If I want to wear lingerie I put it on top of my pressure band. I don't wear corsets that are too tight as it can really put a negative strain on the affected area.