bathmate x30 extreme or bathmate x30 ?

i have realised that there are 2 types of bathmatex30 products


and x30 extreme which comes with a hand pump

is the hand pump designed to give a better pump and does it do so also ?

or can you get the normal x30 and buy a seperate hand pump to fit on to it also ?


The Extreme is a set and includes the pump, a case and a shower strap. For me, the pump is pretty much essential. If you don't get the Extreme, I would try to source the pump as an accessory (not sure this is possible). Without the pump you have to push uncomfortably hard into your groin; with it it's easy and you can control exactly how much vacuum is generated.

does water be ejected when using the hand pump ?

or only when using the actual bathmate itself ?

btw which one do you have ?

Am I the only person that thinks you didn't need to make a 3rd thread regarding this subject. You could have just asked the question on one of your previous 2 threads. Or ring customer services and ask their opinions. Contrary to popular belief they are there to ask questions and advise, not just sell the most expensive product 'cause let's face it, it's LoveHoney with their 365 returns policy - it doesn't benefit them in the slightest to sell you the wrong product and have you return it a week later in an unsaleable condition for a full refund....